Friday, July 4, 2014

My First (Quilting) Birthday

It was about a year ago that I embarked on my first quilt. This project was a humble affair—just 8-inch blocks sewn together, quilted with a cross-hatch, and finished off with a zigzag binding. My agenda was clear: decide whether I liked jamming all of that fabric through my sewing machine enough to do it again.

Quilt #1 fabric facts: DS Quilts

I wasn’t sure about giving quilt #1 away (did I mention it was humble?), but I did, to the perfect recipient. My friend was not expecting a birthday gift from me last summer, and she was touched that I took the time to make her something. I saw her everywhere around town last summer, quilt in tow—at the farmer’s market, at the playground. She bragged about me and the quilt to just about everyone she encountered. She made me feel like a million bucks, and I couldn’t resist sewing her a special something for her most recent birthday.

Quilt #2 followed, my version of Liesl Gibson’s Travel Quilt, from Little Things to Sew. It seemed impractical to make for a baby girl (perhaps a stain-hiding puke green or poop brown would have been more apropos?). But I wanted to see if I could make it, and I could.

Quilt #2 fabric facts: Denyse Schmidt Chicopee, American Jane, Kona solids, and RKF Quilter’s Linen

It’s fun to look back over the past year and the projects that took root in my imagination and now are quilts that are used and loved and snuggled under and picnicked upon.

I’ve gotten to know my machine better, including its strengths and frustrating weaknesses. I’ve become more confident in fabric selection and sewing accurate seams. And somewhere along the journey, I’ve transformed from being a sewer to being a quilter. Imagine that.

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  1. Congratulations on your first quilting birthday! I found you through the Crazy Mom Quilts link-up.

  2. Yay! Congratulations on your first quilting birthday! That's such an exciting day!! :)

  3. Happy quilting birthday! Such a great amount accomplished in just one year! Here's to another exciting year ahead!

  4. Happy birthday! Clearly, if you're still at it a year later, the bug must have bitten you. Your first quilt shows a wonderful sense of colour - something that was NOT evident in my first quilt (more than) a few years ago!

  5. Congrats! We all have to start somewhere!

  6. Great job. I have wanted to make that quilt from the Little Things book.

    1. It was a fun second quilt to do. Lots of cutting, though. I think this quilt is what turned me on to using white in my projects -- love all that negative space!

  7. I like the color combo in your first quilt. Thank you for leaving lovely reply on my blog. Not sure if you are aware of being no-reply while you comment elsewhere. You might want to check this post>

  8. Happy birthday, and welcome to the quilting family!

  9. I love humble just-squares-sewn-together quilts. Yours is a particular beautiful one and not so humble at all!

  10. For a first quilt this is great! The colors are so pretty and you can never go wrong with simple patchwork squares, they are my favorite!


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