Quilt Care

If you own a quilt I have made, that quilt was meant to be used, and at that some point it will look as if it’s been used. When you’re ready to wash your quilt, I suggest caring for it like this ...

General Washing Instructions

Wash your quilt on a gentle cycle with cool water and a mild detergent. I highly recommend adding a few Shout Color Catchers (available in the detergent aisle of your grocery store) to absorb any loose dye. If you’re able to override your washing machine’s high-efficiency water levels, do so. Using plenty of water will ensure that the load agitates freely and can prevent color transfer. Tumble-dry on low. I like to tumble-dry my quilts about 80 percent of the way and then hang them up to dry fully.

Your quilt will get crinkly after that first wash. I don’t recommend washing items like wall hangings, which you’ll want to hang nice and flat, as a result.

Some Good Ideas

To lengthen the life of your quilt, wash it only when you need to—once or twice a year is great. Sometimes a quick once-over with your vacuum attachment can remove evidence of furry family members and help you avoid the washing machine.

Also, keep your quilt out of direct sunlight, which will fade the fabrics. Folding the quilt in different ways (sometimes in halves, sometimes in thirds, etc.) will avoid creating permanent fold lines.

Bottom Line

If I’ve gifted you a quilt and you have a problem with it, let me know. And if I’ve gifted you a baby quilt and you find yourself washing it every other day, no worries—I’ll make you another!

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