Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You Know You’re a Quilter When …

Somewhere over the past 12 months or so I’ve transformed from being a general sewer to being a quilter. Even though I make the occasional tote bag or skirt or Roman shade, when asked about my hobby, I call myself a quilter.

I’ve been thinking about that phenomenon lately and wondering at what point the transformation happened.

Size of the Stash

Did I become a full-fledged quilter when my stash grew to a particular size? (There was not much need for a sizable stash when I stuck to bags and home-dec projects.) I actually didn’t think my stash was that unwieldy until recently, when I found these jelly roll strips.

When on earth did I purchase them? (Not being able to recall buying certain fabrics must signal that I have a big stash.) And why did I buy them? Because honestly, they’re really not me. Now that I’ve found them, they’re screaming to be included in the purge I’m working on right now. As if I needed another quilt project.

Backlog of Quilt Tops

Perhaps it’s the backlog of quilt tops that identifies me as a quilter.

I’m currently in those halcyon days with these two quilt tops—fooling myself into thinking how far along I am with them. After all, the tops are completely pieced! But I still have to baste and quilt and bind these projects. Sigh.

And this third one will continue to wait to be quilted. I have to learn how to free-motion quilt to finish it up.

The quilt-top theory is one worth considering, but I know that other quilters have many more tops in the queue than I do.

Postal Deliveries

So maybe the first two stabs at deciphering this weren’t fully on the mark. I think I’m getting pretty close now!

This is what signifies my “quilter-ness”: when a 40-yard bolt of batting is delivered to my front door.

No, no! I’ve got it! It’s when a 40-yard bolt of batting is delivered to my front door and my husband is completely unfazed by it.

Yes, I’m officially a quilter.

How about you? What is the dead giveaway that you’re a quilter?

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  1. Oh Michelle - that is So funny and So true! Yes, you are a quilter through and through!

  2. Lovely post! For me it is my kids building tents/huts using quilts rather then bedsheets ;) And all of your above off course! I love the batting one. I did that to my husband on a holiday trip, but it was only 15 meters on a role.

    1. Yeah, 40 yards is definitely overkill. I wonder how many *years* it will take me to use it all!

  3. Ha ha - I can totally relate having had not one but two rolls of batting arrive without a blink from hubby. I'd say having a constant sprinkling of thread adorn my wardrobe is a good sign too.

    1. Yes, yes! And heaven knows the bits of thread travel to all the rooms in my house!

  4. You are officially a quilter, but you forgot to mention taking over the house and threatening to move into your hubby's 1200 square foot workshop for quilting as well! I have been plotting my take over for years...

    1. Tanya, imagine what you could do with an extra 1,200 square feet?! Holy fabric stashes!

  5. 40 yards of! Now that's stashing. :)
    What about vacations planned around quilt events? Hubs and I took a trip to Kentucky (great state to visit) so I could go to Paducah for the quilt show! :)

  6. Great post! I'd say you are a quilter when you think a day isn't complete unless you've stitched something or at least thought about or wished you could stitch something!

  7. What a lovely tale! Dead giveaway that I am a quilter? ... going out recently to my b'day lunch to a lovely vineyard & unbeknown to me, I had threads attached to the back of my dress!! 40 yds of batting, I have to say is alot of batting! Happy sewing!

  8. Awesome post. I have yet to buy a roll of batting but the others ring true with me as well. :-)


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