Friday, July 4, 2014

A Little Sunshine in an Otherwise Gray Day

Apparently, on federal holidays marked by thunder, lightning, and sudden downpours, I choose to go fabric shopping. Of course, on perfectly beautiful days with clear skies, I am also known to—ahem—go fabric shopping.

On Wednesday, Rachel at Stitched in Color put out a challenge: using the fabrics at Fabric Spot, an online Canadian retailer, curate a 12-piece collection of fabric that’s “unabashedly yellow.” Rachel, I am so on it!

As a New Englander, I have a healthy distrust of color. When you see brilliant colors in the natural world only from May through October, it’s hard to embrace bright, bold colors. And that’s the beauty of yellow: it’s an honorary neutral. In fact, my dining room, living room, half-bath, and guest room all have a shade of—you guessed it—yellow on their walls.

I started my collection with the two Emmy Grace fabrics in the middle, a floral with a mustardy yellow background and a floral with a dark gray background. Yellow and gray are such a modern combination. I chose to mix things up by pulling out the pink and fuchsia in those two original selections.

I like the result! And if this rain continues And if my children cooperate, I may have enough time to compile a second grouping for this mosaic challenge. Stay tuned ... 


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