Friday, November 30, 2018

Apparently, I Have a Thing for Trees / Beauties Pageant 10

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I’m a tree girl. Now, my tree isn’t fancy (actually, it’s a 16-year-old artificial one from Target that my husband refuses to replace because it works fine). But we get it up and decorated as soon as the Thanksgiving crowd leaves my house each year, and it’s lit pretty much from then until the new year.

This year, I decided I really only needed the tree. Well, the tree and a front-door wreath (which is like an honorary tree) and quilts. Any other decorations were unnecessary. Once I started laying out my quilted decorations, though, I realized they’re all trees!

Exhibit A: My Tree Is Trimmed mini (see the tutorial here).

Exhibit B: The mini I made during the curves class I took at Stitched in Color.

Exhibit C: My Christmas tree quilt

You know what this means, of course. I have some Christmas making to do for myself. Realistically, that won’t be happening anytime soon, but coming to From Bolt to Beauty for Christmas 2019: something other than trees!

This tree-related rant is not a clever way to distract you from my lack of a finish. I do have a finish, a big, yellow finish. I’m not confident that it will get into QuiltCon, but I love, love, love it. Read more about it here.

If you have a finish, we want to read about that, too. Add your post to this week’s linky!

The pageant rules are simple:
  • Post your finish in the linky tool. (No links to your own giveaway or linky, please!)
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  • Visit and comment on other participants’ finishes.

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  1. Hi Michelle! I do not have a single quilt with a tree in it. Oh wait, last year's I Wish You A Merry has a tree block in it. It seems like it has a bunch of small trees - like nine of them. But that's it. I hope to have a few MORE trees for next year. HAHA! I really love all of yours - especially the trimmed one and the Christmas tree quilt. I'm going to check out that mini tutorial! Happy Happy Friday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I've had one of those Christmas Tree quilts on my list for years... not looking good for this year either;-) I'll just have to admire yours!

  3. I think the only quilt with "trees" on it is my version of Fire Pit from Stash Statement and that's kind of a stretch. I did go from only one Christmas quilt two years ago to having four (two of which I made this spring/summer!)

  4. Trees are a great symbol for the year and I have to admit I'm quite fond of all the trees you've made to date. I look forward to seeing what you will create! Which reminds me, I have a quilt design that isn't a tree that I'd love to work on sometime... Hmmm.... :)

  5. I love all of your tree quilts! My only Christmas quilts are snowman quilts... both of which are still only tops. I should finish them someday, lol :)

  6. All great finishes, but I think B is my favourite. It's amazing.

  7. My only Christmas Quilt is with lots of trees too :) And why not?! I saw a giant Christmas wreath quilt on IG, maybe that is an option for 2019... or stars... I love stars... Whatever you pick, it will be fun and you have almost another 365 days to decide :) xo

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful, big, yellow finish! I love seeing the variety of tree projects. Exhibit C is my favorite. :-)

  9. Hahaha! I have a Christmas tree problem myself. I have 4 trees up in the house right now and a quilted tree wall-hanging. My holiday quilt is wreaths so I'm okay there. :)


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