Friday, November 9, 2018

Me-wow! / Beauties Pageant 7

The forces of the universe have been aligned against me of late. Between contractors coming in and out of my house for the past month, a series of sunless days, and the overall dwindling daylight as winter closes in on New England, it’s been hard to get any decent pictures of quilts. And I’ve been growing impatient. Eager to show you one of my multiple finished quilt tops, I decided I was going to make a photo shoot happen today, no matter what!

I started off inside, draping one of my finished quilt tops—I’m calling it Me-wow!—over the banister in my foyer ...

That shot gives you a nice idea of the design and colors of this project, but I wanted one that would show you just how many kitty faces I made. So, in an act of desperation, I employed my almost-10-year-old in the endeavor ...

See? There are cats. Lots of cats. One hundred cats!

I’m making this quilt for my sister, whose birthday in early October has long come and gone. I got about 75 of the 100 cats sewed up in August and September and then lost steam. But my guild’s retreat motivated me to prep the remaining blocks and sashing pieces. I spent the entire three-day event—minus time for socializing and fabric shopping and such—working on finishing up this top.

These blocks, which are actually 25 different designs, are free and from Elizabeth Hartman. Elizabeth held a sewalong years ago for these kitties. At the time, I didn’t have the scraps or inclination to embark on assembling my own litter. Now I’m glad to have scoured my scraps for pretty little piles of monochromatic prints and solids.

Now that I’ve finished this top, I keep encountering these cats elsewhere, on blogs and on Instagram. DonnaleeQ whipped up six comparable kitty blocks, complete with whiskers, for a fundraiser. Angela put out a call to receive these blocks for a quilt for her daughter. I was happy to oblige her by shipping six of my extras to her. : )

What have you been working on? Are you in the home stretch of some quilt projects, as I am? If so, we want to cheer you on—link up below!

The pageant rules are simple:
  • Post your finish in the linky tool. (No links to your own giveaway or linky, please!)
  • Point your readers back here with a text link or use the button above.
  • Visit and comment on other participants’ finishes.

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  1. Good Morning! I am so darn glad it is FRIDAY, I am singing it from the rooftops. I just love your title/subject! Me-wow is right! This is so cute!!! And 100 cats!! Holy moly. Your quilt holder did a fabulous job - please be sure to tell him. I know the comments you were getting, like hurry up I can't hold my arms up any longer. Not from experience or anything! Happy Happy FRIDAY! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I'd say this is a Me-Wow for sure! What a fun and scrappy quilt! I'm quite sure your sister will love it (or does love it!), how could she not! This time of year is the worse for pictures! Can I say I'm already tired of winter?

  3. So cute Michelle. Your sister won't mind the wait. That is a ton of work - piecing the fabric and then making all the kitties. So sweet of you. Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh wow, those 100 cat blocks turned into this lovely quilt top is stunning! Of course, I'm definitely a cat lady. :) Is that Essex linen for the background?

  5. This is lovely! How did you decide on your color scheme? I need to finally make this pattern and I bet it would be a great scrap buster.

  6. As a dedicated cat lover, I think your modern cat quilt is great! I’m having a hard time recently commenting on Blogger posts. I’m signed into Google, but when I go to comment, Blogger doesn’t seem to recognize my Google account. Anyway, I’m wondering what size the cat blocks are? Take care, Mary

  7. The quilt top looks amazing! One happy, gorgeous quilt for your sister.

  8. YAY! I'm so glad you're done herding cats. ;)

  9. I love these cats and like you I wanted to quilt on the sew along but alas did not. Maybe one day I'll do it, who knows. Yours is spectacular .


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