Friday, November 16, 2018

Another Friday, Another Flimsy / Beauties Pageant 8

The flimsy parade continues here at From Bolt to Beauty! I may not have touched Me-wow! since blogging about it last week, but I did wrap up the sewing on my Garden Plots quilt top.

This quilt, designed by Alison Vermilya for Moda Bake Shop, is a just-because project for me. In other words, I started this quilt just because I had the fabric on hand, just because I thought the pattern well suited the fabric, and just because I wanted to start something new instead of finishing up a WIP.

My plan evolved as I sewed blocks together, decided I didn’t have enough fabric for/didn’t quite like the look of my blocks, and embarked on some unsewing and resewing. (Plus, I got rid of the heavy-handed pink entirely.) It wasn’t the most efficient of processes, but I tell myself that quilts can come together in organic ways—it’s not all about whipping through project after project, right? And anyway, I really like the final outcome.

One of the fun aspects of making this top for me was the color palette. Before this project, I couldn’t have imagined saying that I wanted to make a gray, teal, mustard, and mint quilt. But seeing those colors together, they work! The mint in particular was an odd selection for me. It was a necessary low-volume addition to the palette, though.

The question now is how I’ll finish this quilt. I pretty sure I’ll bind it in teal. A quilting plan eludes me, though. Should I do something with straight lines on my home machine? Labor over a free-motion plan? I’ve signed up for a longarm lesson at a local quilt shop, so I could also wait and quilt it with a pantograph. Comments and suggestions are welcome ...

As is your submission to this week’s Beauties Pageant!

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  1. Yay yay yay I love seeing your progress pictures of this quilt! As far as quilting goes, with your fussy cut prints, it might be fun to fussy quilt just the centers of the blocks and then to use meanders in the rest of the quilt. One of the things I considered was doing loops of various sizes in the "gear" part of the block made from the 2.5" strips and squares.

  2. Your quilt top looks cute and fun!

  3. Hi Michelle! This is THE perfect block to show off those pretty fabrics. Makes me think I have some pretties that might need to shine like this as well. Hmm. Just what I don't need is to start a new project! HAHA! Happy Friday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh wow, I love how it finished! The resewing was definitely worth it. I would personally quilt a crosshatch on it to mimic the frames, but then again, I do love straight line quilting. :)

  5. It looks great. As I struggle with how to quilt my own quilts, I have no suggestions for you. :( Good luck with your longarm class.

  6. The colors and fabrics are really pretty. I'm with Yvonne, I would do something diagonal if you are quilting it, horizontal or vertical lines might compete with the quilt blocks on this one. Enjoy the longarm, that sounds like fun!

  7. Congrats on finishing the top! I often sturggle with deciding on quilting for myself. Why is it so much easier for someone else?

    Anyway - in my opinion it does not need something crazy or detailed, as the blocks are a already flash/ showy (mean that in a good way!). I think a simple straigh line design would work well.

  8. I am moving more towards the organic process of quilting myself, rather than churning things out myself. I love how this quilt has progressed and isn't it wonderful than it's different than you would have imagined.


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