Friday, December 8, 2017

Run, Run Rudolph!

After Thanksgiving wrapped up, I made note of four crafty Christmas-related tasks I wanted to take care of before the big day:
  1. Bind two Christmas tree quilts
  2. Label and ship a baby blanket to a friend
  3. Make a dozen ornaments for the school holiday store
  4. Sew and cross-stitch an annoying Christmas stocking, the trauma of which may push me to (a) hit the egg nog hard, (b) watch It’s a Wonderful Life on a loop, and/or (c) curl up in fetal position until December 26
I have yet to start any of the first three projects, but I’m happy to announce that the blasted Christmas stocking is finished and about to be shipped to the recipient.

Sure, the finished stocking is super cute and looks simple enough. Sewing the outer stocking, lining, and cuff together, however, is a hassle. (Full disclosure: I drafted the pattern pieces myself and volunteered to make this stocking, so I’m really not in a position to gripe.) This is the fifth such stocking I have made over the years. I’m thinking it will be my last!

If you want to tackle another handmade gift, I do know of some last-minute, non-stocking projects you could bang out in these last weeks leading up to Christmas. I’ve test-run all of these designs, and they’re available for free here on my blog or elsewhere. I’ve categorized them, to the best of my recollection, by how much time they require. Good luck!

Less Than an Hour

Pixie Basket (Fabric Mutt): As long as you don’t make them by the dozen, as I have, these tiny bins are quick sews. And they’re fun to fill and gift.

Gift Bag for Beer Lovers (From Bolt to Beauty): Two dollars, some pearl cotton, and a half hour is all you need to make this six-pack holder.

About an Afternoon

Library Totes (Sweet Jane’s Quilting & Design): These bags require more time, but they’re beauties—and a great way to use up random jelly-roll strips.

Boxy Lined Pouches (Pink Stitches): I sewed this pattern as a makeup bag, but it could just as easily be a pencil case, project bag, or gift bag.   

Closer to a Weekend

The Tree Is Trimmed (From Bolt to Beauty): I designed this wall hanging years ago, and the recipients still display it each year.

Cargo Duffle Bag (Noodlehead): This tutorial comes from Anna Graham, my favorite bag designer. This project isn’t for the faint of heart, but a walking foot will make the process easier.

Do you have a stocking story in your closet, something that wasn’t impossible but more work than you care to do again? Let us know in the comments ...

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  1. I sewed very, very simple stockings for my husband and I for our first Christmas together. I then took on a more adventurous cross stitch pattern for a stocking for him, and I eventually threw it away last year after 12 years of hardly any progress.

  2. That stocking is adorable -- painful as it may have been! Love seeing so many of your projects in one post. I have decided to put my sewing machine on indefinite vacation until the holidays are over, so I am super-impressed with your ambition! Good luck in getting it all done!

  3. It's a great stocking. How much egg nog did you need? LOL

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a stocking still in my UFO bin. It came from my MIL, when I inherited her "craft stuff" in 2014. It a commercially cross stitched stocking that has our nephews name on it. I am sure she ordered it when he was a baby. It needs to be put together, probably lined and sent to him. He is 46!!!!!!!

  5. I don't have a stocking story, but I loved yours! :) It made me laugh. It's an adorable stocking. I was thinking about making a couple and using my new embroidery machine for the names, but maybe I'll just wait. Cause I'm all out of egg nog....

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Ah, yes. The Christmas stocking. I needed to make one for my new great-nephew to match his parent's version. It was a struggle all the way through and now I worry there might be a sibling someday soon . . . and I'll have to do it again. I am giggling at grammajudyb's comment above. heehee You are in good company. ~smile~ Roseanne


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