Friday, December 29, 2023

Triangle Pouches, Not a Sandhill Sling / Beauties Pageant 241

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts the past few months, you may recognize the sweet zippered makes in this post. Yes, I sewed some more of Sew Lux’s Triangle Pouches! Using scraps from a Songbook jelly roll (Fancy That Design House for Moda) and a Holiday Essentials Christmas mini-charm pack (Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda), I made two more pouches. (You can read my original post about the Triangle Pouch here.)

Although there are three Triangle Pouches pictured in today’s post, I’ve actually made a total of four—the last of which was sewn with Melody Miller’s Stay Gold collection. It proved to be my favorite thus far, so I’m sad I didn’t think to snap a pic before I wrapped it up with a little plate from the Fish Museum and Circus as my contribution to a guildwide Yankee swap.

Now, you may be thinking that all signs point to the fact that this post is about Triangle Pouches. In fact, it is a post that’s not about a Sandhill Sling finish. : /

I bought a kit to make the popular Noodlehead sling from Stitch Supply Co. back in January 2022. Then, because I had yet to embark on making it despite owning a kit, I signed up for a Sandhill Sling class through my guild this past September.

And here we are, almost four months later, with no finished Sandhill Sling. 

I can summarize the problem in one word: gussets. The exterior bag is completed, with the lining waiting to be inserted, and the outer gusset is off by 3/8 inch. That 3/8 inch has me completely paralyzed. Do I just forge ahead and live with what might seem to some makers like a minor oversight? (In a quilt project, 3/8 inch would almost always have me ripping out lines of stitching.) Or do I unpick the exterior gusset and hope that a second try will improve the situation, when it may actually end up making things worse?

Well, I tell you what I do ... I write a post about Triangle Pouches!

Needless to say, I will be spending the last days of 2023 trying to muster the courage to unpick that gusset. I wish you the bestwith sewing, quilting, and beyondas we wrap up this year and step into the next. : )

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  1. Triangle bags are an accomplishment, too, Michelle!! Especially at this time of year. They make great gifts. Otherwise, you can do it! I've got confidence in you!!!

  2. The pouches look great. I have not attempted a triangle pouch. Good luck with the Sandhill. I was going to make one, but then I received one as a gift. No need to make one now. ha ha ha ha

  3. Hi Michelle, good luck with the gussets. I'm accuracy challenged, which is why I mostly make improv and art quilts. I just forge ahead and hope for the best! Your triangle pouches are really lovely. Happy New Year!

  4. Oh three-dimensional sewing is not my forte (aka: I don't do it, so I am lacking skills!). But is there a way to embrace the beginner mindset and just... try?!? Regardless, good luck with the 3/8" dilemma.

  5. Cute little pouches! And sorry, no help from me about bag making - not my wheelhouse... Just best of luck wishes. Keeping my fingers crossed. And have a great "slide over into 2024". xo


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