Friday, February 10, 2023

The Quilting Can Make All the Difference / Beauties Pageant 205

Meet Set to Spin. You’ve seen her as a block and as a flimsy, and now here she is, all quilted and bound.

Making any quilt is a time commitment, but add in developing the concept, designing the pattern, and soliciting feedback on it, and the quilt-making process can seem unending. That fact makes this finish all the sweeter, though.

When I was in the homestretch with Set to Spin and ready to send the completed top off to longarmer Tammie Earnest, I was stuck on which pantograph to choose. So I did what I always do in such situations: I asked everyone on Instagram for suggestions. My friend Susie introduced me to Golden Curls, a pantograph from Urban Elementz, and it’s just amazing!

There’s a nice sense of movement in the piecing of Set to Spin to begin with, and Golden Curls ratchets that up a notch. I love how the spirals in the pantograph are not (at least seemingly) as predictable as the piecing. With some curls going clockwise and others going counterclockwise, they’re the perfect complement to Set to Spin’s spiky circles.

This is the second project Tammie Earnest has quilted for me. (See the first one, Irish Twist, here.) Her work is beautiful, and I look forward to sending more projects her way. (Tammie is located in Indiana, but she accepts project via mail as well.)

Set to Spin will be available for purchase on February 17. If you’re headed to Atlanta for QuiltCon (I am!), you can see Set to Spin in person in the Quilt Pattern Mart booth.

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  1. It's the morning of 2/10 and it says your link party for today has ended already.

  2. This is a stunner!!! Love the colors and the movement in the quilt

  3. Oh boy! A great finish AND you're going to QuiltCon too! Are you as excited as I am? Hope to run into you there.

  4. Great job on this one. Congrats on finishing up the pattern!

  5. What a lovely pantograph to finish your quilt! Looking forward to seeing it IRL. xo


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