Friday, January 27, 2023

Those Are Some Precise Points / Beauties Pageant 203

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Winter illnesses have brought most activity at From Bolt to Beauty world headquarters to a grinding halt. Soccer practice, dentist appointments, vacuuming up evidence of two Golden Retrievers ... it has all been scrapped for what I affectionately call “survival mode.” And when the Cains are in survival mode, my priorities are modest: Keep everyone fed, recently bathed, and in clean clothes. I’m happy to report that I met those goals!

And I alsomiracle of miraclesmanaged to finish piecing my first Set to Spin quilt top! Now granted, I had fabric on hand for a larger quilt, but in a moment of clarity, I had mercy on myself and called it quits at the small throw size (i.e., 48" x 60"). 

Isn’t she lovely? The palette is so prettythe minty green alone makes me smileand I am in love with the precision I achieved with the points ...

I designed Set to Spin as a paper-piecing pattern, and it really was the right decision. (The thought of piecing it with templates makes me want to curl up in fetal position!) I hear quilters complain that paper piecing can be time consuming, that it produces too much waste, and that removing the paper is a hassle. It’s true: Sewing Set to Spin isn’t a quick-to-sew Pretty in Pluses or easy-peasy Irish Twist. But I would never have been able to achieve precise points without paper piecing. 

I’m working on a video tutorial for Set to Spin, to help those quilters who could use more detail on the paper-piecing process. Stay tuned for more information on that. My best tip for getting great points with paper piecing is too good not to share now, though. Read through it here.

If you missed last week’s post about my Nantucket quilt (pictured above) the Villa Rosa Fast and Fun Blog Hop, check it out here. There are a bunch of blogs participating in the hop, and it’s been a blast to see what everyone has created from the same collection of Villa Rosa pattern cards. Plus, there are a ton of prizes, and entries are open through January 29, 2023. : )

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  1. I hope that everyone is on the mend in your home! Set to Spin looks great and way to go being easy on yourself and making a slightly smaller version.

  2. What a pretty quilt top! Like a fresh breath of spring air, which we could all use right now! Paper piecing was definitely the way to go. Looks great!

    1. Okay, that was me. I have no idea why Google keeps logging me out. Annoying!

  3. Take care of yourself too Michelle. I love your Set to Spin. It's got some nice circles and mouvement.

  4. Wowzer! That is one gorgeous and perfectly pointy quilt. You have outdone yourself on this one. I need to back track to all the Villa Rosa posts. I've seen a few and really like them. So off to yours now!

  5. Survival mode - I remember those times with younger kids. This is a beautiful quilt Michelle! Congrats on a new pattern!

  6. I hope everyone is on the mend....I don't miss those days. I love your quilt and, yes, paper piecing does seem to be the right choice for this. Sometimes, I just do it because I don't have to work the precision as hard....let the paper do the work!

  7. The design really can shine with FPP :) And hope you are now all out of survival mode again *fingers crossed* xo


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