Friday, April 22, 2022

Pageant Highlight Reel: Designer Edition / Beauties Pageant 171

As much as I enjoy making quilts from my own original designs, I sew plenty of projects from others’ patterns. I always appreciate a novel take on a well-known block or a clever construction. I think the highest compliment I can give a fellow quilt designer is exclaiming an honest “I wish I had designed that!”

In that regard, I thought I’d compile a Beauties Pageant Highlight Reel that features some of the designers that frequent this linky. Here are three beauties that popped up recently ...

Yvonne Fuchs’ Sequenced Quilt

Yvonne launched her Sesen quilt pattern just last week. It’s a beautiful, modern design, but the attraction for me is that it comes with a bonus pattern, called Sequence, constructed with large scraps from making the main pattern. Clever, right? There’s something about those secondary shapes in Sequence, combined with Yvonne’s meticulous quilting, that pulls me right into the quilt.

To learn more about Sequenced, click here. Read about the primary pattern design, Sesen, here.

Melanie Meyer’s All the Diagonals Quilt

Melanie’s All the Diagonals pattern received a makeover recently, and now I’m reconsidering the to-do list in my near future! The design has always been unique and modern and hexie-laden—all qualities that make it a good contender for a future project of mine. I could easily envision All the Diagonals in solids or more modern fabric collections, like those from Guicy Guice or Alison Glass. But the same pattern in a collection from Sherri and Chelsi or in Christmas fabric, as Melanie has mocked up here? That’s a game changer for me. I have plenty of stash that is up for that challenge.

Read more about Melanie’s rainbow gradient version here.

Susan Arnold’s Wildflower Table Runner

I appreciate Susan’s designs because they’re such a departure from what I usually sew. Her Wildflowers table runner is no exception. But there’s so much to like here—from Susan’s simple (but definitely not simplistic) quilting to that super skinny inner border to how the applique pieces lie on top of other elements in the design. That runner may not have a place in my more modern home but it’s on my list of small projects that would make great gifts.

Read more about Wildflowers here.

What do you think? Leave these ladies some love in the comments or, better yet, visit their blogs for more information about these beauties.

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  1. Great inspiration choices! I've been interested in All the Diagonals, but haven't gotten to it yet. Ah, well-- someday! Happy weekend!

  2. All three are great patterns. Susan's really catches my eye with her two-sides-only borders on each flower. Yvonne's is breathtaking, and I've loved All the Diagonals since it was first out, so unique!

  3. So many beauties! The All Diagonals quilt is fascinating.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing about Sequenced and Sesen. I love making sure that the large scraps can be put to use immediately in another quilt.

  5. Thanks so much Michelle for featuring me! I sure hope you get to the pattern, I would be so excited to see how you interpret it :) xo

  6. These are definitely beauties! But I don't often buy patterns. The reason is that most of the time I can figure out how to make the quilt from looking at it. I'm sure that's because I made my first quilt in 1976, and haven't stopped. I have been through nearly all the styles, tools, methods, and the blocks that interest me, and have the experience to make them... if I want. Again, for me, it's more about coming up with my own creations, without the need to sell a pattern from what I make. Pure, unadulterated pleasure comes from making, and I embrace that. But I appreciate that new quiltmakers come along all the time, and want and need patterns like these. All this just makes me want to celebrate the diversity that is quiltmaking!

  7. Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing those beauties with us. I hope that you don't mind if I linked up my post to the Fibre Fling 2022 virtual textile art show. It's really wonderful (and I have 5 pieces in it) and it's free. Those are great quilts. Thanks for the party :-) Take care.

  8. Yvonne had me with purple and orange! But they are all lovely


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