Friday, June 11, 2021

Seven Quilts Lighter / Beauties Pageant 133

Scrappy Granny Squares

With two school-age boys in my house, I’ve come to accept that the only thing I have control over during the summer is my expectations. That is to say, it’s in my best interest to expect to accomplish little on the quilting front once the school year ends. This makes May and the first half of June all sorts of crazy as I try to check item after item off my quilty to-do list. Among this year’s goals was gifting lap-size quilts to my younger son’s team of educators, paraprofessionals, and therapists. He’s moving on to middle school next year, so it was important to me to mark the occasion with a special sign of my family’s appreciation.

I decided I’d use the opportunity to prune my stash and produce a wide variety of quilts in different palettes and designs. (This is not to say I didn’t buy some new fabric, ha ha!) I started plotting and sewing back in 2020. I made eight quilts and then asked the seven recipients to view the finished projects online, picking out a few of their favorites. I knew I couldn’t give everyone her first choice, but I wanted to give each a quilt she’d like and use.

I was surprised by their comments! I was sure that the most recent finish, my Scrappy Granny Squares, was going to be everyone’s favorite, but it only made the lists of a person or two. The preferred quilt by far was my Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Quilt. The corresponding tutorial had been the most popular page on my site for years, and since I rewrote the design as a full pattern, it’s been the most popular PDF on Quilt Pattern Mart. (What is it about that pattern? I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to replicate its success!)

Ridiculously Easy Jell Roll Quilt

My little guy handed out the presents this week, and by all accounts, there were smiles—and at times, tears—from the recipients. That’s a big win in my book!

How do you go about making a quilt that you plan on gifting? Have you ever given people their choice of a selection as I did here?

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  1. Wonderful thank yous to those involved in your children's school lives! Interesting to hear about their first choice! I had a friend pick her favorite quilt to take home recently and I wasn't surprised--an indigo blue and white Japanese quilt.

  2. It was very nice of you to allow the recipients view the quilts ahead of time. My first choice would have been granny squares! When I gift a quilt, I ask what their color preference is and sometimes I let them help with the fabric pull. I normally select the pattern. Have a wonderful summer with your boys!

  3. What lovely gifts for those teachers! I'm always surprised by people's quilt preferences, especially when they choose quilts and colors I really dislike. I once ran into a woman showing off her quilt at the quilt shop. It was purple and red and was the ugliest thing ever. She loved it, of course. To each their own! :)

  4. I love that you were able to have 8 quilts done for them to view and consider. What a big milestone and way to thank those who have been such a big part of his life.

  5. Oh my Michelle. What a generous soul you are. Such a great thank you - I am sure the recipients were thrilled!

  6. Hi,
    Beautiful quilts...have a great day!

  7. Gorgeous quilts and such kind and generous ways to say thank you. I can't imagine how touched they must be to receive something so precious. Well done and that first quilt is singing to me.

  8. What wonderful gifts to the teachers and how thoughtful . Your quilts are beautiful . Have a lovey weekend.

  9. I haven't done that but it is surely a wonderful present. I don't know if they were teaching by Zoom or in person but it has been a really challenging year (or 2) for everybody. My daughter made quilts for her girl's main teacher this year. They were mostly on line, although one went back to in person a month or two ago. I too like your Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll quilt pattern. It looks so fun.

  10. I am glad the recipients liked there quilts. I find it hard to sew for someone without consulting them first. So your idea of a selection sounds like a good solution :) xo


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