Friday, July 26, 2019

Throwback Thursday (on Friday) / Beauties Pageant 42

It’s been just me and my little guy here at home this week, and the relative quiet has afforded me time at my sewing machine. The goal with every project I’ve picked up, however, has been to clean up the joint.... I pieced piles of fabric into backs so I could get them on hangers. I made franken batting so I could put my smaller Janome, which has a zigzag stitch, back in the closet. I basted quilts so I could fold them up and get them out of the way.

It’s been productive in a I’m-less-likely-to-trip-over-something kind of way and not in a this-would-make-a-great-picture kind of way, so I found myself looking over projects from the past five summers to remind myself that tackling these little tasks will eventually result in a finish (or 14).

For example, in July 2014, I was making these sweet pouches. See that dark blue fabric on the middle pouch? I am still trying to use up that yardage, five years later, in this quilt and this quilt.

In July 2015, I finished a Social Tote, by Carolyn Friedlander. I remember that making experience very differently than the post indicates. It is a brilliant pattern but a pain to sew. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve given away the pattern since coming to my senses.

Three years ago, in July 2016, I finished piecing the top for my Park Bench Quilt. Man, I love that quilt. (I’m not sure how easy it is to find the Park Bench pattern book. I know my local quilt shop has a few copies if you need one.)

Two Julys ago I was working on my Ode to Art Gallery Quilt. The corresponding post is worth a read. It talks about why I think that quilt, in all its scrappiness, works and explores Tara Faughan’s idea of bridge colors.

And just last July I made my first hexagon pillow, which prompted me to make another pillow and then another and then a Market Tote, all adorned with hexies.

What have you been doing at your sewing machine this week? The rest of us would love to hear! If you have a finish from your blog or Instagram feed to share—a completed block or flimsy counts in my book—please add it to this week’s linky. : )

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  1. Hi Michelle! You sure have had some very productive summers. I say the projects you've been working, while not necessarily finishes per se but they will aid you quickly finish other projects. If you trip and break a leg, that would greatly impact your life and future finishes. I just love that hexie pillow even though I'm a hexie-hater. I've never said that out loud to anyone before! But your pillow has persuaded me to be a hexie-disliker. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hi Michelle: I love the colourful hexie pillow, you also took me down memory lane with Park Bench. Way more than three years ago I persuaded two friends to join me in making that quilt as a block of the month. It was a bit beyond my abilities at the time...although I'm sure I could make it better now. I chucked mine aside and just recently gave the whole thing to my friend Wendy who wanted to make hers bigger. So she has a King sized quilt and I have a weight off my shoulders. I do have a little of the fabric left over because she didn't need everything. Yours turned out beautifully I must say.

  3. Great to have a look back at some of your projects. Pretty quilts and pillow!

  4. I love those little pouches! I am saving the idea for OCC shoeboxes for next year and my Lenten Sewing project. <3 MelvaLovesScraps(at)NolanQualityCustoms(dot)com

  5. I only had 2 days at my machine before leaving for Florida!!! I seriously need to buy a machine to leave here. But I did finish the mini I linked up today. And to make up for no sewing I have been knitting every day while here. All your memories are lovely projects.

  6. Those "things" are being productive. And it helps you move closer to finishing projects. I've done a few things but not a lot of sewing this week. Hoping to get more done this weekend.

  7. Your concept of productivity for this week sounds impressive. It must feel so much cleaner and lighter. And it will for sure have moved a few things/projects forward! xo

  8. Sounds like you are now poised from some awesome productivity in the sewing room.


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