Friday, July 5, 2019

Serial Project Starter / Beauties Pageant 39

I cannot stop starting new projects. I have nine in various stages of completion on my sewing table right now, and that didn’t dissuade me yesterday from compiling a new fabric pull for yet another quilt. I usually max out about 5 or 6 works in process. It’s been weirdly masochistic to see how many I can embark on without losing my wits about me and shoving it all into the closet.

Case in point: these lovely granny square blocks. I’m making them because I have the fabric (some of it already cut into the requisite 2.5-inch size) and, well, because I want to. There are 41 squares in each block and more than 1,200 in the lapsize quilt I have planned. My scrap pile had better look visibly smaller once I remove that number of 2.5-inch squares from it.

I have yet to trim up these beauties, but we’re still in the middle of Cain Renovation 2019 and I can’t find my square ruler (or my washi tape or my lens cap—but don’t tell my husband because it’s really his lens cap!). Who knew that erecting a wall and renovating a kitchen would wreck havoc on every corner of our home?

The triumph here, aside from busting through scraps, is that I’m nesting seams instead of pressing open and pinning. And—look!—the results are pretty good ...

I am dreadfully behind in responding to emails and clicking through to pageant participants, but I hope you’ll share your recent finishes nonetheless!

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  1. Oh man. I *just* found a bowl that I had been looking for since we moved six months ago. It was inside my cake carrier, I guess in an effort to safe space. Love your blocks -- I need to get back on a better schedule (if that's even the right word!) of working on my scrap piles.

  2. We are so alike...why stick with one project LOL I'm home today and trying to decide which project to work on. ha ha ha ha

  3. Oh, those scrappy blues are gorgeous! Good luck taming the scrap pile, though. I'm sure they multiply when we turn our backs :)

  4. I usually try very hard not to have too many projects going at once. However at this point in time, I am failing miserably and have so many! I keep vascillating on whether to start the Mosaic Mystery QAL over at Meadow Mist or so start a scrappy project. I have a (huge) pile of scraps that I cannot fit into my bins because they are all full. Then there is my solids scrap bin which is a whole other issue. Sigh! Maybe the answer is to combine them and try the Mystery QAL but totally scrappy and just see what happens??? Anyway, I feel you. As for renovations.... I have done a number of them and it does wreak havoc on the whole house. I hope when it is done, you love the changes though. So excited for you!!

  5. Hi Michelle! Starting new projects is your summer jam. Remember? The kids are around, you have very little time to focus and stay focused on major project. It's okay! Once September comes and school starts you'll be finishing all of these starts. No intervention needed quite yet. Rock on sister! I love your blocks, and if you thought a new wall AND a kitchen remodel would have minimum impact . . . well, you thought wrong. We'll help you get it all straightened out, the lens cap is right there, and keep on with the fun! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Oh, I have overstept that project amount a while ago and am trying to reduce :) But I can so see why you wanted to do these, they look gorgeous. Also best of luck that the renovations go on as planned an are hopefully finished soon so that you get the house and mind clear again for full project sewing. xo


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