Thursday, July 18, 2019

2019 Finish-A-Long: Q3 Goals

The fabulous hosts of this year’s Finish-A-Long are at it again, encouraging us quilters to set some goals for the upcoming quarter.

My list of WIPs is getting longer by the day. Here are the ones that I will admit to starting in the past few months and that I hope to finish by the October 9 deadline ...

Little Farmer Quilt

This baby quilt is my priority right now. The top is almost finished—so just basting, quilting, and binding to go. (Do you like my use of “just” there, as if basting, quilting, and binding happen in a day or two?) Update: The finished quilt is posted here!

Lapsize Ship’s Ladder Quilt

I have no recollection of buying a bundle of Denyse Schmidt’s New Bedford line, but one has been aging in my stash for a few years now. I finally started cutting into it, to make a lapsize Ship’s Ladder Quilt, which Denyse designed for the collection.

Baby Ship’s Ladder Quilt

Do I know a baby who needs a quilt? No, but I am determined to bust through my New Bedford bundle, and that lapsize one won’t cut it. A second Ship’s Ladder Quilt, sized for a little person, should polish it off.

Granny Squares

I shared my granny square blocks earlier this month. Right now, I have 11 blocks done. That means I have 19 more blocks—or 779 2.5-inch squares—more to go.

Rainbow Strip-and-Flip #1

My first-ever strip-and-flip project is pieced and waiting to be quilted. The plan is to free-motion quilt it. (Say a little prayer for me on that front.)

Rainbow Strip-and-Flip #2

This project looks suspiciously like the one above, right? I hope to sew this heap of fabric into an identical strip-and-flip quilt.

Garden Plots in Nightfall

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... You’ve seen this quilt before on my FAL lists, which is maddening because the top was 90 percent completed back in November.

You know there are other WIPs here at From Bolt to Beauty world headquarters, and it would take a minor act of God for me to finish the seven listed here, let alone entertain the notion of finishing the others. Regardless of the success or failure I am setting myself up for(!), thank you, in advance, for accompanying me on the journey!

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  1. I have so many going I don't even want to make a list or say when I will finish them - I will just say I will one day - what day is that? don't know.

  2. I love how colourful your projects all are and all that colour will give you lots of enjoyment , no matter how much you manage to finish.

  3. Hi Michelle! Wait - we have all the way until October 9th to finish up the Q3 projects??!! Woot woot - nine extra days. HAHA! Well, look at that - two quilts from the same pattern and fabric. You don't get tired of making the same blocks? Just curious because I often make the same baby quilt (over and over) but not back to back or close together. And two flippy quilts too. So, it must not bother you one bit! Now, that first baby quilt Missy - yes, just baste, quilt and bind. Get going on it! And the poor little Garden Plots - well, it thinks you just don't like it. Don't forget that there is still a good month before school starts and be kind to yourself please. This is the summer of quilt TOPS not finishes, remember?!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Those are all great projects. Just work on whatever you want to work on (from this list of course - at least first before you switch to something new lol) and you will make great progress. Just a few minutes daily will add up to a lot! Have fun and good luck xo Melanie

  5. All great projects. Good luck. I missed linking up my list because I was away.

  6. I love your goals and hope all your quilty dreams come true! I missed the linkup this round - shoot dang!

  7. Such lovely projects! I really like the Little Plots one, it will be such a sweet quilt! Good luck making progress on your projects. On behalf of all of the global hosts, thank you for participating in the FAL.


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