Friday, May 24, 2019

Just a Pouch / Beauties Pageant 33

In a perfect world, my Friday posts are inputted with accompanying pictures the preceding Thursday. In the real world, I am often still proofreading on Friday morning. And in my reality today, I had to write the whole thing, proofread it, and take pictures, which is especially unpleasant because my 8-year-old woke up at 3 o’clock this morning and has yet to return to bed. He is currently jumping around the basement. I, on the other hand, can barely walk, let alone string words together coherently. So please overlook any grammatical errors or jumps in logic. My main goal right now is to stay awake!

With that, I present you my tiny finish for the week. It’s a pouch ...

More specifically, it’s a Lined Drawstring Bag by Jeni Baker of In Color Order. I’ve made this pattern before. I suspect you have, too. This particular bag is one of a pair. In true Twiggy and Opal style (see Jayne’s post along those lines here), I found a fabric combination I liked and couldn’t stop at a single pouch. This bag’s twin was a prize at my guild meeting earlier this week. The version pictured here has no purpose yet, so I think I’ll just admire its beautiful Art Gallery fabrics for the time being.

* * *

The pageant rules are simple:
  • Post your finish in the linky tool. (No links to your own giveaway or linky, please!)
  • Point your readers back here with a text link or use the button above.
  • Visit and comment on other participants’ finishes.

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  1. sounds like you have a delightful 3 year old!

  2. Hi Michelle! Admiring beautiful fabrics is definitely in order for this bag. It is one of the many perks of being a quilter, don't you think?! The people and fabrics are just the best - full of fun and inspiration all of the time. Now, what was Rose doing while someone was jumping around in the basement? I suspect the jumping also interrupted her sleep pattern and she is not exactly happy about that. {{Hugs}} Good strong coffee always helps me along with thinking about the good sleep you'll get tonight. Right?! Happy Memorial Day to you and your peeps. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I came to your blog from Quilting Gail, and I was wondering if there was a way to follow your blog via email.

  4. Pretty pouch, and congratulations, you stayed awake till the end of the post writing ;))

  5. Oh my...sounds like you need a nap.... I love that pattern. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. It's a beautiful pouch. I had hoped to have a finish but then decided to hand sew the binding on my I will be linking up eventually! I hope you got a nap yesterday.

  7. Cute little bag Michelle. :) I completed the next steps of a mystery quilt and hope to finish two vintage quilts this weekend. Blessings, MelvaLovesScraps(at)NolanQualityCustoms(dot)com


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