Friday, May 26, 2017

My Easy-Breezy Beach Quilt

Mother’s Day 2017 was the kick-in-the-pants deadline I needed to finish two quilts. The first went to my mom. For that, I used a jelly roll I had on hand in colors I know she likes. The second went to my mother-in-law and was designed to coordinate with the living room in her new beach house.

I found the inspiration for the design on Cindy Lammon’s Instagram feed. (Check out the quilt here and here.) Cindy’s use of a dotted chambray as the background fabric was, I think, brilliant. I initially wanted to replicate it, but based on the fabric swatches my MIL provided me and the selections in my fabric stash, I went in a different direction.

Instead of going with a dark background, I went with my beloved Kona Snow. I pilfered some 10-inch squares from an Aria layer cake, by Kate Spain, that I had on hand and fleshed the fabric pull out with selections from my stash and yardage I bought specifically for the project. The result is light and airy—perfect for a beach house!

I even bound the quilt in Kona Snow. Considering the amount of color already in the quilt, the blue or green bindings I tried looked gaudy. A light binding might not be the most practical option, but it reinforced the easy-breezy feel of the project.

The biggest lesson I took from making this quilt was the importance of homing in on a palette. At first I thought I would use the blues—all the blues!—from my stash. Once I had a few blocks sewn, however, I realized that I needed to focus on a few select colors. Using my cut-up Kona color card, I decided that Aqua, Navy, Bahama Blue, Aloe, and Cadet were my priority for the quilt ...

I was pretty proud of myself for breaking into a beautiful layer cake for the sake of this quilt. Usually, I keep my precuts together and use them—whether they’re charm packs, jelly rolls, or layer cakes—in a single project. It was worth it here, however, and I still have probably thirty 10-inch squares of Aria to use in future quilts.

What do you have to say about that? If you’re a precut buyer, are you diligent about using a precut in just one project? Or do you throw caution to the wind and use some of a pack here and there?

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  1. I am a throw caution to the wind kind of person and break up my pre-cut bundles all the time! I really like how you used your cut up Kona card to help find a palette to guide the fabric use from your stash. This has such a light feeling and I can hear the beach sounds just looking at the quilt!

  2. Beach house beautiful! I use what I need/have no matter from where or how it comes. That includes breaking pre-cuts, making messes, and annoying the quilt police to no end! Again, lovely quilt!

  3. The blues and green/blues look stunning on the Kona Snow!

  4. Just a beautiful finish and I love how the blues and greens mix together in this one...hugs, Julierose

  5. Best part? It's for YOU! Great beauty.

  6. I love it! The blues and greens are wonderful together and look great in the design!

  7. What a really pretty quilt! The colors are perfect together and feels very beachy to me! I like to throw caution to the wind! Mix and match!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    It certainly was worth breaking that layer cake about for this lovely quilt. The colors are SO beautiful, so beachy. ~smile~

  9. Hi! What a gorgeus quilt! Blue & White are the best! x Teje

  10. Beautiful and gives a real beachy feel. I too hesitate to use a light binding feeling it is impractical but you were absolutely correct in your choice, I darker tone would have distracted. I will try to remember your example and be braver in the future.


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