Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ho, Ho ... No!

I had promised myself that this year my holiday sewing projects would not get out of control. I’d choose a reasonable number of items to sew and gift. Lots of ideas would have to fall by the wayside. So be it.

And then, on Black Friday, my reality skills went out the window. I saw some jolly bars on sale at the Fat Quarter Shop and thought that I could add another throw-size quilt to my Christmas to-do list. Because, really, half the work was already done—it was precuts, people!

My inner voice of reason chimed in: I would have to finish everything else on my list before embarking on this latest pet project.

You, dear reader, are my witness. I will not break into those jolly bars until I have ...

Quilted and bound this super-size throw:

Design: Thimble Blossoms’ Jellybean Quilt

Finished piecing/quilting/binding this mini:


Finished piecing/quilting/binding this mini-mini (this has since been finished and can be viewed here):

Design: My own The Tree Is Trimmed

And pieced the four quadrants of this quilt top together, pressing everything, so I can take the project to the longarmer:

Design: Laura Jane Taylor, in Quilt-opedia

Sigh. Listing those projects is sobering. I know producing another quilt from start to finish in the next 20 days is a long shot. Last year, I had two pieced quilt tops at this point in the holiday season. All I had to do was learn how to free-motion quilt and they’d be done! In the end, one was gifted a few months late and featured some minor FMQ. The other quilt originally intended as a Christmas 2014 gift has become a Christmas 2015 gift and is with See Mary Quilt for quilting.

What did I accomplish for last Christmas? I finished all of these projects ...

Clockwise from top left: Mini Miranda Bag, Library Totes, Sew Together Bag,
Quilted Tissue Cozies

And posted this gift-bag tutorial ...

Not bad, right? I’m hoping to have similar success this year. Gulp!

So how is your holiday sewing shaping up? (This is a safe space. No judgment here!) Are you swiftly checking completed items off your list, or are you (as I suspect I will have to) paring down your expectations?

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  1. I have completed two quilts, a tabletopper, and several sachet bags (but they are super easy). I need to bind a t-shirt quilt that I made for a co-worker, and I'm done! To be completely transparent, one of the two completed quilts was from a kit I bought at Festival in 2013. The other quilt is an around the world quilt with large pieces and is only a throw size and was quilted by my longarmer friend. seems like a lot has been completed, but honestly, it was all a long time in the making. Except the table topper which I think I started in August. But that one was super easy to piece and quilt. I think I need to do more smaller projects! The sense of completion is SO awesome! Good luck with completing your projects, and don't be too hard on yourself if you break down and play with the jolly bar pre-cuts. Sometimes you need a mental break before you can go back to binding!

  2. I completed a lap size quilt, 2 pillows and 1 wall mini so far. I had to order zippers to finish all of my holiday sewing and they're not here yet... So I am getting nervous! :-). Good luck with your projects!

  3. Just finished a lap sized quilt to be gifted. Focus on one project at a time. That may help you see more progress.

  4. I'm on track, I suppose, but I think I have too many projects on my list! I've finished a fabric basket (or two, rather), nine hot/cold packs, four drawstring bags, and one pillowcase, but I still have two stockings, a bowtie, a 241 tote, a mini quilt, two kid bags, and maybe a throw-size quilt to finish. If I can get the stockings, the bowtie, and the kid bags done on time, I'm calling it good. :) Good luck!

  5. My to do list sounds kind of small - 5 zipper pouches, 2 bee blocks, and finish the quilting and binding on a king size for my sis. I'll be pushing it to get these finished, but I have a new design floating around in my head that I can't wait to play with. I hope(!) I can stay on task and not get side-tracked. If you break into those Jolly Bars, just call it therapy and have fun! :)

  6. Good luck. Those minis are awesome. I only have two small Christmas gifts that I haven't started yet. How did December sneak up on me???? LOL

  7. Your list is pretty full for Christmas, good luck and have fun. I have just one more quilt to make for Christmas and I have not gotten the fabrics in the mail yet for it :)

  8. I think you didn't have smart choices this time around ... sorry, had to rub that one in! I only have 7 more (gulp) pouches to go. Also, I should break the news now, I made a Everyday Tote without you, I cheated. Will you forgive me?


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