Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quick, Make a Bag!

Do you recall my flying geese dilemma? I was considering pairing these fabrics with a light-colored Essex Linen for a quilt of crazy-big flying geese.

I decided that was a Bad Idea. The blues were beautiful but wouldn’t stand out against the Essex Linen. I could have returned all those fabrics to my stash, but the Amy Butlers (those second and fourth from the top) were purchased specifically for this quilt and had the potential to spend an eternity in my stash.

Don’t get me wrong: I adore those two fabrics, both from AB’s Cameo collection. But between their large-scale designs and super-gray undertones, they might not play well with other fabrics. So before I could issue them a one-way ticket to my stash drawers, I quickly cut them up for a bag.

See? They are gorgeous fabrics. They need to be used and loved, not merely visited by me when I check in with the rest of my fabric hoard.

The pattern is Alicia Paulson’s Jane Market Bag. It is the perfect bag pattern—like a simple grocery bag all grown-up with two exterior pockets. I’ve made this pattern at least 30 times (no joke). If I know you in real life, it’s only a matter of time before I make you one.

So this project got me thinking ... I really love Amy Butler’s designs (see this post for more gushing). Is there an epic AB quilt in my future? It would be fitting to make a best-of quilt with my favorite AB quilting cottons. Can I pull off the necessary fabric pull, though?

Some designers’ fabric is conducive to mixing and matching between collections. Bonnie and Camille—with their aqua, teal, true red, and navy—come to mind. And then there’s Cotton and Steel, with a palette that all four of its designers share. I don’t think Amy’s collections work together in the same way.

What do you think, is it possible? Do you have any advice on how I should approach this project? Better yet ... Have you made such a quilt yourself?

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  1. Good call on the bag. I think it was the right choice. I like Amy Butler, but the prints are so large and they don't seem to play well with other collections. Happy shopping!

  2. Lovely bag - so glad it wasn't relegated to never to be used stash!

  3. This looks AMAZING. Which isn't surprising since you kinda rock the bag making thing. :)

  4. I think Amy's designs work well in an eclectic mix just like Anna Maria Horner's fabrics do. It doesn't even matter that the palettes aren't match match like Bonnie and Camille, there's just something about the craziness of so many colours and prints that just flat out works!

  5. Way to use your fabric, and use it well! I have this same issue with some of my favorite designers. I stash them away, and then if by some miracle I over come my hoarding tendencies they don't coordinate that well between collections. It's tough being a quilter, isnt it? :)

  6. Those fabrics do make a beautiful, and very useful looking, bag! I can see why you've made that pattern so many times :)

  7. Love the bag! Also like that you were able to identify their potential for an endless stay in the stash, this is a skill I need to work on.

  8. Great idea to whip those fabrics into a bag. Pull all of your AB collection. I think true low volume, whites, neutrals or grays could pair with her collections. Then again I tend to gravitate towards grays. Good luck with an epic AB quilt. Why not give it a try?


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