Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Irrational Sewing-Project Decision

Yesterday, somewhere between the computer screen and the fabric stash and the sewing table, I decided it was time for an irrational sewing-project decision. I have plenty of items on my to-do list, so what’s another one?

Exhibit A: The not-even-basted quilt for a Mother’s Day gift (note: the Mother’s Day that was four days ago!).

Exhibit B: The barely started quilt for my brother-in-law’s birthday (note: the birthday that was four months ago!).

Exhibit C: The somewhat-pieced top for a Christmas mini-quilt. For the record, this project is ahead of schedule—there’s something to be said for starting Christmas projects 10 or 11 months in advance.

But yesterday, when I realized that I could still get in on the skirt-making action at Stitched in Color, I decided to set the quilts aside and see what I could do—in less than 48 hours—with the two yards of voile I already have on hand. Can I do it and join the link party on Friday, May 16? Time will tell . . .

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