Friday, January 19, 2024

Fun with Selvages / Beauties Pageant 243

I decided to join in the fun with Hannah Parks (@halfsquarehannah) and her selvage letter sewalong happening on Instagram! The idea is a simple, quick sew: scour your stash for fun selvages, cut out the letters of your name, and make a patchwork name tag with them. 

In general, I am not a selvage keeper. I’m all for making the most out of the fabric I buy, but I toss all my selvages, which made this task a little difficult. 

Still, I managed to find a few selvages with interesting fonts, mostly on fabrics from Ruby Star Society. 

The biggest challenge was finding a cool M, and when I couldn’t, I homed in on the W from Ruby Star’s upcoming Water collection, satisfied that an upside-down W was the next-best thing. 

I was especially psyched to find that H on a jelly roll selvage, but I think that in the context of the other letters it highlights the fact that my name contains a four-letter word: hell. (HA!)

If you’d like to make your own name from selvage bits, see Hannah’s feed for a quickie tutorial (the bottom line is to allow yourself a quarter-inch seam allowance on all sides of each letter). And check out the hashtag others are using to share their makes: #SelvedgeLetterSewAlong.

I haven’t decided what to do with my tiny patchwork name. I’m considering making a name tag for QuiltCon. Give a holler if you have a lanyard pattern to recommend! 

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The pageant rules are simple:
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  • Point your readers back here with a text link or use the button above.
  • Visit and comment on other participants’ finishes.

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  1. Cool start to your name tag, Michelle! I want to try it, too!!! I didn't pick up on a 4 letter word. But you might want to give your i a little more room. (Just a suggestion)

    1. My "i" is so sad! I couldn't find one with more substance; they're all too skinny! I'm considering making a whole new version of my name and finding letters that jibe with the wimpy "i"!

  2. I don't keep selvages, either, and my print stash is pretty much just scraps. I'm glad you were able to find enough to make it work, and I hope to get to see this pretty name as part of your name tag at QuiltCon!

  3. Love the nametag, Michelle! I don't keep selvages, either. Now I'm curious to see if I could find enough letters in my stash...

  4. Michelle, ma belle - can't think of anything I'd less like to do!

  5. I love the name tag. I am sure you will find a way to finish it. I think it could be a fun label too!

  6. Your name tag turned out cute! I'm guessing most of them will be very tiny, as letters on selvedges aren't very big. You made me smile when you said you don't save selvedges. You should see my bag full! I've made pillows, two skirts, tote bags and purses with selvedges, and still can't use them all. Have even considered recovering my sewing room chair with selvedge-made fabric. So I can no doubt find the find the five letters I need. Thanks for inspiration!

  7. This is a cute idea, it would be fun to see somewhere wearing it. We would know that they are a quilter. Yours is turning out cute!


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