Friday, June 24, 2022

I'm Actually Quilting! / Beauties Pageant 178

I’m sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath since last week’s cliff hanger of a blog post, wondering, What will it take for Michelle to quilt one of those projects already?!

The answer was simple: bribery. I want to cut fabric for a new quilt and decided I couldn’t touch my rotary blade until one of my four to-be-quilted projects was done. (I have no shame!)

Because my ombre Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Quilt was already basted (and had been for, like, six months), it was the logical candidate.

I’ve never spray-basted a project and let it linger for so long before, but after a good ironing, the sandwich was ready for quilting. Using my Hera Marker, I marked some straight lines that reinforce the chevron pattern of the piecing. (Take a look at my previous post to see the full flimsy and the chevron design.)

It’s proving to be a messy endeavor. I used a dark navy solid for the background, and there’s a solid layer of white batting fluff all over the quilt top. A swipe with a lint roller will remedy the problem, but the situation has me convinced that as an owner of two Golden Retrievers who shed constantly, I should not keep this quilt for myself.

I also encountered a novel dilemma: I can see spray baste on the back of the quilt. The fabrics on the quilt top are from Moda and American Made Brand. The back is almost entirely Art Gallery, and I’ve encountered issues with spray baste not adhering well to the fine hand of AG fabrics. As a result, I was liberal in the application on the back. (Otherwise, I basted the way I always do: spraying the batting, not the fabric, and dry-ironing after basting.)

I’m expecting the issue to resolve itself in the washer. Fingers crossed that I am right!

Swing by next week for pics of the finished project!

To make your own Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Quilt, visit my Etsy shop. : )

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  1. Oh, I do hope that a washing resolves the issue of the basting spray showing. And bribery will work EVERY time. ;)

  2. I have never used spray basting. It seems like such a good idea but I am afraid of mess and overspray? Thoughts?
    The quilt is stunning - hoping you don't have issues after washing it. :-)

  3. I bet the wash will take care of the backing, but definitely let us know! I keep meaning to try out black batting for my projects with dark backgrounds but have yet to do that. I should probably order some to make that more likely to happen!

  4. So sparkly!!! I'm sure it'll come out in the wash!

  5. Are you using a commercial brand of basting spray? Or are you making your own basting spray? In any case, I'm sure that when your quilt is complete, you're washing it to remove the basting spray, aren't you? I've left homemade basting spray in a finished quilt for a year afterward (the quilt was unused) and when I washed it the color catcher came out beige-y/yellow - likely from the basting spray. So I don't think it hurts a quilt to have that spray in it for a while. I'm glad for you to be quilting again. I recently returned to domestic machine quilting a project and recognized that it felt pretty good to be doing it again.

  6. Beautiful quilting, well done

  7. You have me holding my breath to see how it all comes out!!!! I love using a Hera marker. I need to have black batting on hand myself, for dark quilts...


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