Friday, February 25, 2022

Dreaming of Bags / Beauties Pageant 164

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I have a lot of fun quilt projects on my sewing table these days. Im using up my Bonnie and Camille stash on two easy quilt tops, I have two other quilts in the works, and my Gypsy Wife project is ready for binding. What Im really dreaming of right now, though, is making bags.

Before I was a quilter, I was a bag maker. Ive made easy bag patterns. Ive made hard bag patterns. I’ve made bag patterns that claimed to be easy but ended up being rather hard. Big bags, small bags ... Ive made them all.

This drawstring bag I made a year ago was fast and easy.

Sewing this bag was simpler than it looks.

And now Im getting the itch again. It started when I received the gorgeous cross-stitched bag at the top of the post. My quilty friend Kathy (Kayak Quilting) made it for me, and I am over the moon about it. Theres something special about receiving an unexpected handmade gift. Could I have made a comparable bag for myself? Sure, but I love this all the more because someone made it for me.

The bag pattern I have my sights on next is Anna Grahams Sandhill Sling design. I need a small casual bag for taking to the soccer field this spring, and the Sandhill Sling fits the bill. I purchased a kit from Stitch Supply Co. for the sling. Now its just a matter of fitting this project in amid those quilt WIPs. I find it hard to switch gears between quilting and other sewing. Im not sure why that is. (Can you relate?) Once I have a few more tops completed, I think I can act on the bag pattern. Wish me luck!

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  1. I have periodice bursts of bag making too, haven't done so for a while but that sling bag pattern looks really good...however, I probably should stick to all my UFOs and other items I have on my to-do list already!

  2. OOps, that's periodic. Sigh, is too early in the morning for a Saturday ha ha!

  3. I am not a big 3D sewist. I have done "one or two" bags or wallets but it is always a biiiiiig wall to climb before I start. Whenever I am finished I don't get why it was so hard, but... Enjoy your bag making. Maybe a good motivation and reward for the tops you want to finish first?! xo

  4. Those are really pretty bags! Well done


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