Friday, January 29, 2021

Back to Being a Bag Lady / Beauties Pageant 114

Before I started quilting, I sewed bags and home decor items. And although I’d rather carry a bag of my own making or sew some window treatments instead of buying them off the shelf, it can be hard to change gears. These days, it’s usually all quilting all the time.

So when a friend and I made plans to go for a walk, it was the self-imposed deadline I had been missing. I had promised her a handmade backpack, and our date to walk was what I needed to get it done!

The result is pictured here. It’s a simple, straight-forward drawstring backpack with a single pocket on the exterior. I used the Lionel Drawstring Backpack Pattern, by I Think Sew. It was fine for the five dollars I paid for it. If you are interested in making something similar, there are plenty of other options—including free tutorials—online.

I chose to quilt the exterior panels to give the bag more body; otherwise, I didn’t do anything fancy. Heck, the pocket doesn’t even have a zipper.

For me, the hard part of bag making is finding the necessary notions. I found the gray synthetic drawstring from a nice selection of colors at Crosscut Sewing Co., a local fabric shop.

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome here; the final product was much nicer than I was expecting. In the past, I’ve sewed certain bags patterns ad infinitum. (For real. Plug “Jane Market Bag” into the search function in the right-hand sidebar, and you’ll see what I mean.) This backpack may be my next serial sew—it would make good end-of-year teacher gifts.

What I really want to work on next, however, is a new quilt that I designed with huge blocks. I’m super excited about it, and the background fabric should be arriving on Monday. Yahoo! Now that I’m in this home dec mode, however, I should bang out a few more projects I’ve had planned, including a pillow and two pouches, first. After those are done, I have two in-process quilts to finish and then I can start the new one. Darn you, self-discipline!

A quick public-service announcement: Love Boldly, my most recent pattern release, is still available at Quilt Pattern Mart at the introductory price of $7.50. I’ll be sure to share tester projects in next week’s post! In the meantime, check out some pics on Instagram.

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  1. Back to Being a Bag Lady - that is a catchy title Michelle. Made me smile this morning. And then I had to think - wait, is it Friday? I never know what day it is anymore. But seeing your Brag About Your Beauties post reminded me - so thank you for that.
    Great backpack. I have been meaning to make one - I have been looking at the tutorial on SOTAK handmade. I even have the cording already. So what am I waiting for???

  2. Oooh, I'm excited to see more about the new design, but... I hear you about self discipline. I can wait. :)

  3. Lucky friend!


  4. That's a great backpack. I like self-imposed deadlines. ☺ Can't wait to see what you're working on next.

  5. The backpack turned out fabulous. I bet she loved it.

  6. I saw this on Instagram, and think you did a great job with colors and creating something your friend will appreciate and use. I, for one, think it's healthy for a quiltmaker to occasionally switch things up to make items or garments that give more expedient satisfaction. As we know, quiltmaking can be a long process, but it's FINISHED that makes us feel best.

  7. That's a beautiful bag. well done!

  8. That's a cute back pack! I really like the Jane Market Tote too. I had a bag on my list this year and then I took it off. I'm considering re-adding it now that I've seen yours.


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