Friday, January 14, 2022

The Power of a Good Yarn-Dye / Beauties Pageant 158

Were already two weeks into the new year, and Im still wrapping up all things 2021! That includes blogging about my latest finish, this Quilt Buzz Bingo quilt.

Last summer, I joined the quiltalong for this project on a lark and, after developing and discarding various palettes, settled on these happy pinks and greens against a dark-blue background. (All the fabric details are listed here.)

I usually work with light backgrounds, but the blue I chosea Cirrus Solids yarn-dye from Cloud9 called Oceanwas crucial to the final product. When I had just the green and pink blocks on my design wall (see pic, below), the palette emitted a modern Christmas vibe, which was lovely but not my intention. The dark blue erased all evidence of Christmassy-ness and replaced it with what I call “preppy summer.” The blue evokes, for me, intimations of dark denim, and the pinks and greens are the soft, well-worn cottons of a button-down shirt.

This was the first time I used a Cirrus Solid. I had bought it for a different project that never got off the ground and was pleased to find it a home in this quilt. It’s hard to notice in pictures the difference a yarn-dye makes. You’ll have to trust me when I say that the texture is lovely and provides a subtle contrast to the quilting cottons. I think even my beloved Kona Cotton would fall flat here when compared to the Cirrus Solid.

Narda, of Maz Q’s Sewing and Quilting Studio, quilted a pantograph on this project for me. I love how the loops soften the rigid geometry of those chunky blocks. I always appreciate Narda’s contribution to my projects! 

Do you have any experience with yarn-dyes in general or Cirrus Solids in particular? I’m officially a convert and already have large cuts at the ready for future projects. : )

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  1. Congratulations on a January finish! Your quilt is bright, beautiful and happy!

  2. "Preppy summer" is a perfect description. I can totally see it! Congratulations on a lovely finish. I always thought yarn dyes were a little too soft to work with well, but I haven't tried them in years. They are really pretty, though!

  3. Oh, and nothing really compares to how soft a Cirrus Solid is after being washed for the first time. That is going to be such a lovely, cuddly quilt! :)

  4. I love how it came out, Michelle!!! I wanted to do that SAL, but was just too busy at the time. I'm happy to see how good your came out, Preppy Summer and all!!!

  5. Congrats to you finsih ;) And you are right, the blue takes it away from Christmas-y. Enjoy! xo

  6. Oh dear. Still no finishes for me to share with a Linky. I guess I'm plugging away on too many simultaneous WIPs. Your finish is lovely. Nice job choosing colors that are happy and bright. I've never heard of yarn-dyed fabric, nor Cirrus Solids, so of course I've never used them. I'm sure no shop in our region carries them. They sound interesting though.

  7. Well done. I didn't sew along this time around.

  8. What a gorgeous quilt with that blue background. Perfect choice 😉

  9. I have never tried Cirrus solids. I am going to look for them. This is very pretty!


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