Friday, January 28, 2022

Just. Keep. Sewing! / Beauties Pageant 160

Hello, my quilty friends! Im popping in today with big news: I finished my Gypsy Wife flimsy! 

I started this project as part of a guild quiltalong in 2018, picked it up again in 2019 when Stitched in Color hosted a comparable event, and finally finished it in October 2021 and January 2022. I have to credit Leannes WIPs-B-Gone campaign for giving me the kick in the pants to bring it back into the light of day. : )

I have some final thoughts on the process of sewing this pattern, including recommendations if youre consider making a Gypsy Wife yourself. Ill save them for a future post that features the finished quilt, though. For now, here are some pretty pictures of some of my favorite blocks. (More often than not, I find myself swooning over the simple filler blocks and not the more complicated focal blocks. Go figure.)

Previous posts about this project can be found here and here.

This quilt was my oldest WIP. It feels so good to have the flimsy finished before February. Confession time ... What is your oldest WIP, and does it appear on your to-do list for this year?

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  1. I'm so glad my WIPS-B-Gone event helped you finish that beauty!

  2. That's awesome that Leanne's WIPS-B-GONE 100 day challenge helped you get your Gypsy wife quilt finished. I'm not a bit WIP person... I have 2 quilts in work right now and a long term hand quilting quilt (it's actually bound and small enough to call finished, but I take it when I travel to have something to occupy my hands). I know I'm in the minority with my work a project through to completion ways!!

  3. So great to hear that you have a WIP completed. Sometimes we just need that bit of encouragement or a challenge from a sweet quilting friend to get us going- don't we? Lol Happy quilting . Thank you for hosting the link party too.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your finished top. The blocks you shared are so nice. Your colors are wonderful.

  5. Good for you to have seen this big project through to a flimsy! I know that's a LOT of piecing! My oldest UFO/WIP is the first quilt I started hand-piecing in 1976 - long before rotary cutters and rotary mats. I will never finish it, but it's a keepsake because it use much of my first baby's clothing, drapery material, and such. It's nearly done being hand quilted, but even if it was finished, I'd never use it. So it's stored, and I have no regrets about it. No UFO or WIPs lists for me either! A list is NOT a finishing motivation to me - hate them because I whip myself into a lather trying to accomplish "such and such" by an arbitrary deadline. Rather, it feels best to I do what I want to do, and keep only a few WIPs going at all times. Different personalities need different methodologies, right?

  6. That must've been one swift kick, 'cuz you really got your move on!!! Great job!!! It's beautiful--saw your vid on Insta. Love the crisp white background with the turq, pink and navy!!!

  7. Hi Michelle, congrats on your UFO flimsy looks great! This year my UFOs are all tucked away except for my son's version 2.0 quilt - I hope to have a finish here by the end of 2022 :-)

  8. My oldest project is from 2017 (holding my eyes closed). And yes, it is always on the WIP list... Actually sometimes I have felt a tingle to finish it... maybe it will become an itch soon ;)

    Glad you finished your Gypsy Wife quilt. A challenge is always a good way to get started! Looking forward to reading more about it. xo

  9. Congrats on getting your Gypsy Wife finished. I have just updated my list of UFOs and get to confess they are almost all stalled in the TBQ bins, but the oldest is only from 2016 😳 You can read my list on my blog post:


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