Friday, August 27, 2021

A Paean to Plus Sign Quilts / Beauties Pageant 142

Lately, it’s plus signs all day, every day as I get feedback and see pictures of testers’ take on Pretty in Pluses, my latest pattern that’s slated to release in mid-September. Pretty in Pluses is not the first plus sign quilt I’ve designed, but it’s the first I’m releasing out into the world and I’m pretty excited about it.

With all this brainpower devoted to the subject, I decided to look back at the plus signs quilts of my past. I counted, and I’ve made eight of them! I think that’s enough to consider myself a devotee. : )

A bunch of those projects were designed by the queen of plus sign quilts herself, Cheryl Brickey, who teamed up with friend and fellow quilter Paige Alexander to write Modern Plus Sign Quilts a few years ago. (Cheryl’s most recent book, Just One Charm Pack Quilts, was published just recently.) I’ll look back at those projects next week (there are so many that they deserve their own post!). What you see here are some other quilts designed by others.

At the top of the post is my Ode to Art Gallery, a project I used to bust through a stash of Art Gallery charm squares. Click through to the original post for all the info on where to find this easy, easy block tutorial and my thoughts on why this combination of fabrics works.

Directly below is my Easy-Breezy Beach Quilt, inspired by Hyacinth Quilt Designs and created for my in-laws’ beach house.

Two other projects are much more recent. You may remember Hot Cross Buns, a pattern by Lella Boutique that I sewed up in mostly Zen Chic fabric.

And there’s No Negativity, for which I used some long-hoarded Bonnie Christine prints. Both Hot Cross Buns and No Negativity were gifted to members of my younger son’s elementary school team. I was a little sad to see them go, but I can’t keep all the quilts. (Sad, but true.)

I don’t know exactly what it is about plus signs that has captured by quilty heart. I know from looking at the past few Beauty Pageants, many of you have made your share of plus sign quilts, too. (A great spot to view some of these recent plus sign finishes, all from Sew Preeti’s Positivity QAL to benefit Mercy Hospital, is Bernie’s linkup post here.)

What have you been working on lately? Add your finishes in the linky below.

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  1. Plus blocks are definitely my fav block, too!!! Love your plus parade, Michelle!!!

  2. I love all the plus quilts! Happy stitching!

  3. I made a plus quilt a long time ago and it was given to a group collecting for fire victims. It was pretty and had fun making it though. I am now working on a Positivity quilt but it is slow going due to other summer obligations. I am getting close though!!

  4. That is fun to see all the variations you have made!

  5. Plus signs are just so happy and, well, positive! That's awesome that you've found you've made 8 different plus quilts. Does that count include the new design (you were probably clear about that, sorry)?

  6. That's a lovely plus sign parade!

  7. You've made a slew of beautiful plus quilts. I'm way behind you -- I've only made 2.

  8. I made "only" one plus quilt yet ;) But it is fun to see to many different variations on one theme. xo


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