Friday, July 2, 2021

Glint and Glimmer / Beauties Pageant 135

In between moments of drizzle yesterday, I managed to get some help for a quick photo shoot. I’m calling this lovely—albeit currently wrinkly—finish Glint and Glimmer.

You might recall that this was a neglected WIP until recently, when I decided to use a submission deadline from Curated Quilts to get myself in gear and finish it. For the record, I did submit it to the gallery in the magazine’s upcoming polygon issue, but it was not accepted. This was no surprise. In my opinion, Curated Quilts has an improv vibe and likes quilts accompanied by interesting backstories, and Glint and Glimmer fits into neither of those categories. It was worth a shot, though, and the opportunity helped me wrap up this project!

As you can see from the pics, I went along with my plan to quilt this top with 12 weight Aurifil thread. Some of the quilting was done by machine; some was done by hand. I gave each color of gemstone its own unique quilting treatment and then quilted along an inner hexagon here and there where I thought it was needed.

At 37 inches by 48 inches, the final product ended up being smaller than most of my quilts. I could have kept piecing, but I really thought this hexagon experiment had succeeded and I was satisfied with the results.

For the first time, I also finished the binding with chunky hand stitching. I will definitely be doing that again in the future!

This post would not be complete without the picture below, a shot of Glint and Glimmer alongside the resident photo bomber here at From Bolt to Beauty world headquarters, Rose. If you read last week’s post, you know that Rose is getting a baby sister on Saturday. For all you wacky dog lovers out there, I’ll be posting puppy pics in the stories on my Instagram feed and in the grid on Rose’s Instagram feed—you know, just in case you can’t wait until next week’s blog post to see the newcomer! : )

(What’s that you say? You didn’t know Rose has her own IG account? Yes, we’re that kind of dog owners—HA!)

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  1. Big stitch binding is such fun and so relaxing. I love it too. Nice job on the finish.

  2. Your photobomber is adorable, and the quilt is just lovely. I really like the colors and admire your bravery with the hexies. Always nice to finish off an older top, isn't it? One more WIP off the list! Have fun with the new puppy!

  3. I'm sorry Curated Quilts didn't accept the quilt (I think the story about all the quilting details would be great for them), but hooray for the finish. I've never sewn binding with chunky hand stitching yet, either; perfect finishing touch given all the other use of 12wt and hand quilting. :)

  4. A puppy? That is crazy cool. (As in are you crazy to get a puppy?) Wait, wait. That sounded awful. But I doubt "I" could deal with a puppy anymore. Please sprinkle puppy pictures and Rosie pictures all over your blog. I miss having a dog but will enjoy them vicariously. Glint and Glimmer is fantastic. Nice to see someone using a heavier weight thread with hand quilting. I have plans but haven't started them yet!

  5. Beautiful quilt, well done! Sometimes it is useful to have a deadline to keep going :-)


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