Friday, November 1, 2019

The Pit of Procrastination / Beauties Pageant 55

Friends, I’ve fallen into a pit of procrastination. Facing the December 2nd QuiltCon deadline, I’ve been working on anything and everything other than the two quilts I designed and started specifically for submitting this year.

Deciding to decimate my Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt stash has proved to be an especially effective procrastination technique. It has led to no fewer than five new items on my to-do list. I already cut a few of these projects and, in need of some mindless sewing before yesterday’s Halloween festivities, started sewing blocks (see picture above) for one of them, a version of this quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew.

You’ll find bits of DS’s Eastham and New Bedford lines in these blocks. There’s also an early print from Rifle Paper Co. I snatched up tons of that sweet floral, all in scrap form, from a guild mate. Once I noticed that the peaches and greens in that fabric pair well with DS’s gray-toned palette, I quickly concluded I had enough to build a quilt around.

I can’t find anyone else in the procrastination pit I’ve cut and sewn myself into, but I’m sure I’m in good company. Who else is down here, working on one project when they should be working on another?!

* * *

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  1. It's good to follow inspiration rather than obligation ;)) These squares are too pretty to not make a little more on them ;D

  2. Sorry, I'm not in the pit now, but who knows if I will be in 2020 when it's weeks to my daughter's wedding and I'm not finished with the 20+ table mini quilts!!

  3. Me! I was on hold this week waiting for my batting to arrive so I found plenty to keep me busy on the computer with planning a new blog series. But the batting is now here and I will return to the studio. Good luck!

  4. Hahaha!! The procrastination pit - that is so cute. I think every single one of us has dallied there one time or another!! Actually as I type this, I am mired in it but instead of sewing, I am reading blogs. I should be getting ready for a quilt show I am working at tomorrow. Sigh. Your fabrics are perfect and belong together. This is going to be lovely!! I made a similar quilt as a donation some years back but with primary colors and cutesy American Jane fabrics. I loved that quilt!

  5. Oh my goodness! I live in that pit. I should be writing. I should be completing a couple of courses. I should be finishing the borders for my hand applique quilt. But I have learned not to "should" on myself. I hate deadlines but that is how I get things done.

  6. "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done" is the motto I live by!
    Susanprincess at att dot net

  7. Me, me! I originally did not want to sew something for QuiltCon submissions because... I have no idea what to expect... but then I had an idea for a pattern I would sew anyways and thought, hey I could do it! But now I am procrastinating too. And I think I might have passed the point of a possible finish before the deadline. So if you want an email motivation budy or DM on IG, I am game :)) xo Melanie

  8. I really like the fabrics in your blocks, great fall colors. I am also procrastinating on the QuiltCon quilts.


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