Friday, November 8, 2019

Confession: I Don't Mind Y-Seams / Beauties Pageant 56

Coming clean last week on my recent procrastination problems has had a positive effect on my sewjo and focus. Just knowing that I’m not the only one dragging her feet to the December 2nd QuiltCon submission deadline helps. So thanks for reading and thanks for sharing words of encouragement, offers of accountability, and similar stories of procrastination woe.

In a moment of clarity, I’ve realized that, although completing two new submissions for QuiltCon would require a herculean effort I cannot muster (and grumpiness and stress from me that my family cannot endure), I can complete one project. In fact, in the past 24 hours, I’ve managed to piece a backing and baste a large throw quilt toward this goal. I’m not ready to share that project with you—it’s kind of nice to have a secret from the quilty social media world. I will, however, share snippets of the quilt that won’t be quilted and bound (perhaps even pieced!) in time to submit this year ...

I’m sure you can see why this quilt will not be finished by early December. I’m machine-piecing hexagons. Actually, I’m paper-piecing the majority of those hexagons and then machine-piecing them from there. What can I say? I don’t mind Y-seams, and piecing this project is a process I enjoy. (I know I’m in the minority here.)

I have never sewn with—let alone designed with—any of V and Co.’s ombré fabrics, but I couldn’t imagine using anything else in this quilt. The subtle color variations in the fabric give the hexagonal gems dimension, mimicking the effect of light reflecting off the facets.

I have yet to decide how to quilt this, although a plea for help at a recent guild meeting garnered some interesting ideas. Any thoughts from you on that front? Since I no longer expect to finish this in time for QuiltCon 2020 submissions, I could really go crazy with the quilting, either tackling some fancy quilting design myself or hiring someone to do custom work.

A design wall was a necessity for this project, so I made one with foam board and batting.

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  1. Good morning Michelle! Wowee. W-O-W-E-E! This is one gorgeous piece-to-be. I haven't ever sewn with y-seams but they sound like they could be difficult. I have to agree with you about the fabrics you selected. The color variations really give this a gem-like feel, and the rich tones certainly trend that way as well. I'd say QuiltCon is losing out. I can't wait to see your submission at some point. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Your hexie project is beautiful, Michelle! Especially with those ombres. I've got to ask, how big are those hexies? And how big are you going? You're doing a great job on keeping the meeting corners smooth. That's the real trick with Y seams.

  3. O.M.G.!!!!! That quilt will be completely and utterly awesome!!! Wow!

  4. I looove your project! It is a shame it can't be done in time but I totally hear you. I hope you can enjoy making your one submission and then enjoy working on this one. Stress is not what sewing is supposed to be, right? Besides then there is 2021 just around the corner to submit it too :)

  5. Love the colors! This is going to be really pretty!


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