Friday, September 27, 2019

Pageant Highlight Reel / Beauties Pageant 50

It’s been over a year since I started the Beauties Pageant, and I have to admit that hosting the linky has proved to be a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong: I love the little community of regular participants the weekly event has created for me—in fact, it’s renewed my interest in blogging. But it has also introduced me to countless new quilt patterns. When will I find the time to make them all?

Take, for example, Jen’s Summer Swoon quilt. I’ve known of this pattern, from Camille Roskelley, for years. It had fallen off my radar, however, until I saw Jen’s version and was reminded that it requires just 16 fat quarters to make. Heck, I’ve got 16 fat quarters! It’s the time to sew up 16 fat quarters that I am short on.

Then there’s Sew Yummy’s Rainbow Swirl quilt. Six years of quilting have turned me into a lover of rainbows—it’s impossible to look at one in quilt form without smiling. The next time I’m in need of a rainbow project, this will be my go-to pattern.

And Susan, of QuiltFabrication, has just released a new pattern, called Just Batty, that she shared in last week’s Beauties Pageant. I don’t make many holiday-themed quilts, but this design has me rethinking that policy ...

Have you seen something in a past pageant that you’ve added to your quilty to-do list? If so, please share in the comments!

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  1. I always see things I'm tempted to make! There are so many people making so many gorgeous quilts I'll never be able to make everything I want to make :) Thanks for hosting the pageant!

  2. Hi Michelle! I can't believe it's been a year already or more. I've had a good time linking to your parties, and have seen so many beauties just as the name promises. There have definitely been some pieces added to my make-as-soon-as-possible list. I am thrilled to finally have something to share after weeks with no mojo. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Nothing to add to the link up this week - I have hardly seen my sewing machine. Sigh.
    But wow, do I love that swirl quilt you featured this week. I missed that one - it is a beauty. It would be great in other colors as well. Really unique spiral design.
    Thanks for hosting this Michelle. Hoping I get to do some sewing soon.

  4. I don't often want to recreate EXACTLY what someone else has made, but I get tons of inspiration from linky parties (I'm fairly new to yours). Ideas about color combinations, ideas about how completely different the gorgeous print fabrics we have today look depending on whether the print is cut up into small pieces or large ones, ideas about techniques that could be adapted to solve technical problems with other quilts... Although I must say, when I saw Sarah Fielke's Down the Rabbit Hole quilt on one of these linky parties, I was instantly head over heels in love. Giant folk style bunny rabbit love!! I'm going to HAVE to make that one someday; just need to finish up my current WIP applique projects first. Between what I already have going on in my studio and all of the ideas in my head that are hopping up and down and demanding to be given life through fabric... There will not be enough sewing days to make even a fraction of them! That's one of the reasons I'm so glad I learned to use the EQ software, though. Before that, I had a couple of "dud" quilts where I didn't realize I messed up the value/contrast until I had made all the blocks and went to lay them out and the secondary pattern didn't show up. So disheartening to put in all of the hours of cutting and sewing only to be disappointed with a finished quilt that doesn't look the way I imagined it! So now I might make 15 "virtual quilts" in my software and then only the one I really, REALLY love deserves the investment of time and fabric -- and the payback is that it ends up looking exactly the way it did on my computer screen. :-). Thanks for hosting the linky!

  5. Your bucket list just keeps growing right? THat's okay - it gives you an excuse to keep the sewing machine set up at all times!!

  6. I feel your pain! There are so many great designs out there and not nearly enough time to sew them all :)

  7. LOL, it is a curse I know very well!! But it's a nice curse.

  8. I know what you mean! How does my Pinterest garden grow? LOL!

  9. I'm really liking Just Batty. It's pretty cute but like you I don't usually go in for holiday themed quilts.

  10. For me for sure the trap is Instagram. I can't ever sew all the ideas I have pinned to Pinterest :)))
    xo Melanie

  11. Congrats on a whole year! Yay you! And thanks for hosting this; I don't often link up but when I do, I like it.


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