Friday, August 30, 2019

Ahoy, Sailor! / Beauties Pageant 46

A completed quilt top!

Finishing a quilt top always feels good, but finishing a top and knowing you’ll be passing it on to others for quilting and binding is even better. Such is the case with my current project, a version of Suzy Quilts’ Ahoy Sailor pattern.

I noticed after the top was finished that the fish on the left are upside down. I was contemplating fixing the problem until I remembered my recent visit to the New England Aquarium. Guess what my older son and I saw there in the giant central tank. Fish swimming upside down!

This quilt is a gift from my guild to someone who helps make our fall retreats such a success. (See an in-process post about this quilt here.) I chose this design both because it was a free pattern and because there were only 14 boats to sew. I had the best of intentions to rally my guild mates to piece the blocks, but we were under a time crunch (less than two months to deliver the quilt!) and I realized I would spend more time organizing the group effort than I would if I just banged the blocks out myself.

This low-volume print filled with nautical terms was a huge score. It’s been out of print for years and was perfect for this project.

In the end, it may have been for the best. This pattern involves cutting many of the pieces to an eighth of an inch, which I found odd, and the instructions for trimming the half right rectangles to size lack the precision I like to see in a pattern. By the 14th boat, though, I achieved a level of proficiency that a collection of quilters all making a block or two wouldn’t have realized.

What are your pet peeves about quilting patterns? I have a love-hate relationship with patterns. I approach most with a sense of distrust (maybe I’ve been burned by too many in the past?), and because I aim to use stash instead of buying new fabric, I’m always trying to make my fabric work with the requirements of the pattern at hand.

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  1. LOVE this quilt, Michelle! It's so eye catching. The colors of the fabrics and the way you spread them around is just perfect. My pet peeve about patterns is when they don't include pressing instructions that would have made construction easier.

  2. For me it's knitting patterns that are wrong on Stitch counts or bad directions. For quilting, wrong measurements!!

  3. I must be lucky but I've never had a problem with a quilt pattern. My daughter knits and crochets and has been burnt many times! It is frustrating!
    Your top is cute.

  4. Hi Michelle! This quilt top just makes me smile. The colors are so pleasing to the eye and the nautical print fabric is just plain COOL. I never would have thought the upside-down fish was a mistake, although truthfully I never would have noticed either. I'm 100% certain the recipient of this quilt will be very delighted. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Lovely quilt Michelle! Patterns can drive you a litle crazy! That’s why I love to go with the well known designers and hand piecing or appliqué patterns.

  6. I can't remember being burned by a pattern. So guess I was lucky. But cutting to an eighth of an inch would probably disqualify a pattern for me. I love your boats and especially those funky upside down fish. xo Melanie


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