Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sew-Along Day 3: Quilting and Assembling the Exterior Panels

Today we will be quilting and assembling the exterior panels. As with the Cargo Duffle pattern in general, Anna’s directions are fabulously detailed with text and pictures. I’ve made so many of these bags, however, that I tweak a few steps. You’re welcome to read my thoughts and throw them in the trash on your way to your sewing machine—you’ll do just fine following Anna’s instructions!

My Perfectionist Approach to the Quilting Lines

I’ve quilted all of my Cargo Duffles with horizontal lines spaced three-quarters of an inch to an inch apart. To make sure the spacing of these lines is consistent throughout the exterior panels, I do this:
  1. Mark a horizontal line with my water-soluble pen at 4 inches from the bottom of both the front and the back (instead of Anna’s 3½ inches). 
  2. With my quilt sandwich (canvas, batting, quilting cotton) secured with pins, I start quilting at that 4-inch point and quilt outward, to the top edge.
  3. I turn my bottom accent piece to the wrong side by a half inch and press. Then I starch it and press again.
  4. Now when I place my exterior bottom accent on the quilted piece, it covers up that first line of quilting. When I start quilting the accent piece to the exterior panel, the quilting lines will be perfectly spaced.
The bottom exterior accent will cover up that first quilting line.

I did not follow these instruction for my first Cargo Duffle, and the spacing
is inconsistent where the main fabric and bottom accent meet.

My Persnickety Way of Attaching the Flaps

I also alter the instructions for attaching the flaps, all in the name of anal-retentive bag making:
  1. I trim a quarter inch off the top raw edge of each flap.
  2. Then I turn that raw edge under a quarter inch and press with starch.
  3. Now when I attach the flaps per the instructions, the raw edge is concealed by the rectangular bit of stitching on the top of the flap.
Except for a stray thread or two, the raw edge is pretty well concealed.
If you have any questions or comments, the best way to share them with me and everyone else sewing is to use the comments below, but you can also email me at frombolttobeauty (at) gmail (dot) com or DM me through Instagram.

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