Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Crushing on the Kinley Pouch

Earlier this year, Jen Fox invited me to try out her Kinley Pouch pattern, and I was promptly distracted by other quilty commitments. When my guild announced that it was holding a zipper pouch swap, though, I knew it was time to give the Kinley a try ...

I enjoy sewing pouches, and it was easy to tweak the dimensions of the medium-size Kinley to accommodate a small panel by Alison Glass. (If you need this fabric for yourself, I got mine at Crosscut and it’s still available here.)

I love this panel! By using it on the Kinley Pouch, there is a cool side ...

And a warm side.

Following the instructions, I interfaced the exterior and lining with Pellon’s Decor Bond. It works well, giving the pouch needed substance and structure.

I lined the bag with an old Zen Chic fabric and bound it in Kona Cerise.

My biggest concern when I sat down at my machine was binding this project. I machine-bind all of my quilts, but little items are a different matter. Could I machine-bind and make both both the broad side and the end of the pouch look good? I could and I did! The secret was simple: glue-baste everything into place before finishing off the binding.

Look at that neatly sewn binding!

My favorite part of this pattern is how the binding is sewn to itself on one end,
creating a cute loop.

I don’t think I have ever sewn with a panel before. Actually, I have just one other in my stash: Merrily from Gingiber, and that won’t be sewn into a quilt anytime soon. If you use panels, I would love to hear about your experiences, whether you use them in quilts or smaller projects like this pouch.

I have more of the Alison Glass fabric left, and I am tempted to bang out more Kinley bags with what remains. If I do, you’ll be the first to know about it!

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  1. This looks super pro, well done! I love that AG fabric. I'm hoarding mine for now...

  2. Awesome Kinley pouch! I just posted my most recent finish on your Brag about your Beauties Pageant page. I used panels on my quilt.

  3. That is so very cute! I love the fabric and the pattern!

  4. I love this pouch! More than love...it makes me want to make one...but I know I won't! The Alison Glass panels are so perfect for it. You are amazing! Well done Michelle!


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