Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Challenge Accepted

It’s not in my best interest to write this post. After all, by informing you of the Le Challenge contest, I’m lessening my chances of winning! But I’ve had a bunch of new readers lately, and I thought this was a good way to introduce newcomers to From Bolt to Beauty.

Every month, Lucy (Charm About You) and Nat (Made in Home) host a contest called Le Challenge, and they start by announcing a theme—anything from bright to nature, from ink to wood. Participants then create something in line with that theme and submit their completed project to a linky on the 15th of the month. One randomly selected player receives a prize. Nice, right?

Usually, I look through my WIPs to find one that fits the theme at hand and send it to the top of my to-do list. For me, the fun part is interpreting the theme in an unusual, if not completely whack-a-doodle, way ...

Era (September 2014)
For my first-ever Le Challenge, I made a Rubik’s cube ornament (which my husband has since deemed too large for our Christmas tree) because it harkens back to the era I grew up in, the 1980s. I have just one thing to say about quarter-inch sashing: never again.

Mix (October 2014)
I interpreted mix to mean mixed up and rendered a cross-stitch pattern in fabric instead of floss—ha, ha!

X (November 2014)
A theme like X was full of possibilities. I made 10 tissue cozies because the Roman numeral X stands for 10. (I thought this was clever. I am also easily amused.)

Passion (March 2015)
In March of last year, I was finishing up my fifth Sew Together Bag, a testament to my passion for that pattern and its requisite four zippers. Of course, since then, I’ve made a sixth and seventh!

Direction (July 2015)
There were geese flying in every direction in my mini-quilt for the Lizzy House swap. : )

Method (November 2015)
This quilt, my Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Quilt, and its accompanying pattern exemplified last November’s method theme.

Round (February 2016)
My most recent submission was the Complementary Tote, complete with rounded corners, that I made for Bonnie Christine’s Succulence Blog Hop.

So that’s my spiel for Le Challenge. You don’t need to blog to enter the linky—you can play with a Flickr or Instagram account instead. The theme for this month’s theme is reading. What the heck?! I don’t have any idea where to go with that.

How about you? Are there any ongoing contests or linky parties you are drawn to? I’m always looking for new ones to participate in, so please share your recommendations. : )

Linking up to Let’s Bee Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, and Finish It Up Friday ...

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  1. I love everyone of these projects and how you interpreted the theme.

  2. I love all your projects and interpretations of the themes. Beautiful finishes. You made me curious and I am thinking of joining La Challenge. Thanks

  3. That's my new favorite sew together bag! love the fabric!

  4. Whilst I have often looked at the themes for Le Challenge I have never played along. I love all the things you have used for the various themes. Just popping over there now ......

  5. What an interesting challenge. I'm debating making a sew together bag. The pattern looks intimidating.

  6. Hi Michelle! All your projects are so beautiful! This challenge sounds exciting. x Teje

  7. All your projects are so nice, but that ornament really caught my eye. It's adorable! The challenge sounds interesting and it will be fun to see how each month's theme is interpreted.

  8. What a fun challenge!! I've never heard about it, but love that it is open to interpretation! The Rubiks cube caught my attention...loved that cube back in the day!

  9. I love how you've interpreted the themes. I look forward to seeing what you do with study.

  10. Neat! I hadn't heard of the challenge before. I especially love the way you interpreted the X challenge :)

  11. I love your interpretations of the themes and your projects!!! Reading is fundamental... I know you'll come up with something;-)

  12. Thanks for sharing this creativity-sparker with us! You probably don't need to worry about me decreasing your chances -- I seldom finish anything!


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