Sunday, March 22, 2015

More Lizzy in the House

I did it! I signed up for the Lizzy House Mini-Quilt Swap over on Instagram. (Sorry, folks, registration is closed.) This is my first swap, and I suspect it works a lot like other ones: I filled out a questionnaire about my quilty likes and dislikes, and I was assigned a partner, who is probably not the same person sewing for me. I can’t reveal myself to my partner, so I am stalking her on Instagram—looking at what she posts, what posts she’s liked, etc.—in addition to keeping tabs on the other social media she’s into. In three months, I need to mail a mini to her, using predominantly Lizzy House fabrics and whatever design I think would best suit her.

Upon being assigned a partner, I decided I need to buy more fabric.

I mean, I have a bunch of Lizzy House—a full colorway of Catnap, plus some Pearl Bracelets and Jewels—and she’s into those prints. But her color preferences don’t match up to my stash, and I need more variety to work with. So this happened …

My go-to online fabric source for older bolts is Cia’s Palette. Please note: I reveal this to you, Sunday stashers, with much reservation! I’ve fancied CP my own personal fabric store for years now. The stock hasn’t changed much in a good while, and I’ve been able to purchase lots of out-of-print fabric there for reasonable prices. I hope you appreciate this act of great generosity—and don’t buy the joint out!

My top priority was Lizzy House. I got selections from Castle Peeps (the top two fabrics) and Outfoxed (the bottom three). Now I have the hedgehogs in two different colorways. : )

I also bought (from top to bottom) some Denyse Schmidt/Chicopee, Felicity Miller/Charleston Farmhouse, Sweetwater/Reunion, Sweetwater/Lucy’s Crab Shack, and Zen Chic/Comma. Did I need the second set of fabrics? Well, no. But you do what you have to do to get free shipping.

I think I’ll be buying some more Pearl Bracelets before I start sewing my mini, and my LQS has Jewels in emerald green. I’ve got to snatch up some of that before it’s too late.

I’m curious ... what can you not resist buying? I really like Lizzy House, but I probably wouldn’t be buying the older yardage if it weren’t for the swap. My weakness is Denyse Schmidt, especially Denyse Schmidt on sale.

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  1. Cia's Palette is a great tip - very generous of you to share it! Love your fabric choices.

  2. Ooh thanks! I've been looking around for the emerald jewels but haven't been able to find them. How much does your LQS have? lol! Great adds! I'm hoping to buy some butterflies for my swap item.

  3. How fun! I never have done a swap before, but this looks like a fun one! I can never resist buying solids! Boring...they are my comfort fabrics!

  4. Love those hedgehogs!

  5. Great fabric choices! I bet that fabric shop will be wondering why their sales are shooting up now! Look forward to seeing the mini!


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