Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Auction for Eleni

Whether you’re a sewist, quilter, or other kind of crafter, I think you’ll agree: When something unexpected and tragic happens, we make. On one level, creating gives us something concrete to do, instead of spending too much time with our thoughts. It’s also a way to express our love and support for others, and that’s why I turned to my sewing machine when I heard what is going on with Eleni, Rachel Hauser’s (Stitched in Color) newborn.

I made my most recent Sew Together Bag for the Auction for Eleni, an Instagram event (IG: @auctionforeleni) that will occur this weekend, on March 14 and 15, to support Rachel’s little one. I chose color-saturated fabrics from Rae Hoekstra’s Lotus Pond line for this project.

If you’re in the market for a Sew Together Bag, I think my pictures tell the story best:

This bag measures 13.5" long (with handles), 4.5" tall, and 5" deep.

The interior contains three zippered compartments and four open compartments. It features more selections from Lotus Pond.

Each of the three zippered compartments is lined with this pale pink fabric from Lotus Pond.

Rachel Hauser has given so much to the quilting community—with her blog, her classes, her patterns. I’ll leave it to her to fill you in on the challenges Eleni is facing. (See posts here, here, and here.) If you would like to show your support, check out the Auction for Eleni. In addition to handmade items and quilts, there are many bundles of fabric, plus special listings for longarm services and more.

Also: If the auction isn’t your thing, Jodi, at Tales of Cloth (formerly Tickle and Hide), is collecting hexie flowers for a quilt for Eleni.

This project is also my submission for Le Challenge’s latest theme—passion or obsession. I’ve tackled five of these bags and their 20 zippers (!), so I think it’s fair to say that I’m obsessed with the Sew Together pattern. If you’re interested in the details on my approach to assembling this project, you can read Michelle: 1, Zippers: 0 and Thank Goodness Its Finished Friday.

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  1. Your bag is darling, and sure to be a big hit. I love how the quilting community supports each other.

  2. Wow - that bag is amazing! Love the colors, shape, everything about it! Very cool.

  3. A wonderful way to help Rachel and her family. These bags are amazing...I cannot wait to make some too!

  4. It's perfect and I am hoping that it is a huge success in the auction, because your craftsmanship is impeccable (as I know, from first hand knowledge!). Lovely job, as always!

  5. A beautiful bag and great addition to the auction! You must be passionate to have tackled 20 zips ;) Thank you for linking to le challenge!

  6. What an amazing thought and project for such a worthy cause. Thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  7. Your bag is beautiful -- what a thoughtful contribution for the auction. Gorgeous fabrics! thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  8. It is wonderful to see everyone come together and help this family! They are very lucky to have such thoughtful people in their lives!

  9. What a thoughtful way to help out. I made a donation to help fund backing fabric and batting cause as you put it Rachel has done so much for the community and her site was one of the first few quilting sites that gave me courage to try some new things. I've avoided the sew together bag trend cause it kind-of scares me. The zippers are a little scary but what's the most scary is having yet another bag to forget where I've stashed my items this time.


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