Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Winner and Procrastination 101

First off, the winner of the PDF copy of Meadow Mist Designs’ Looking Glass pattern is mfhagopian.

Congratulations! I’ve sent you an email with your PDF.

And second, a word on procrastination ...

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re avoiding a tough task. And by that I mean, it’s amazing what I can accomplish when I’m avoiding learning how to free-motion quilt.

In the past few weeks when I have not been learning to FMQ, I have been:

•    Finishing 20 tissue cozies for my son’s preschool staff for Christmas
•    Cutting and piecing the quilt top for a Christmas present
•    Mending items that were damaged so long ago I was surprised to learn that (a) they still fit and (b) they are still in style

Of the items in that list, the most interesting project is the new quilt top ...

My mother-in-law asked that I make her a quilt, and when I saw a version of this one on Instagram, I thought it fit the bill. I needed something that would work in a formal, more traditional d├ęcor with an Asian flair. With the help of Corey, of Little Miss Shabby, and Dorie, of Tumbling Blocks, I managed to track the pattern down to Pam and Nicky Lintott’s 2008 book, Jelly Roll Quilts.

The version in the book, as well as those by Corey and Dorie, have a scrappy feel to them, which doesn’t suit my mother-in-law’s taste. I chose to incorporate fewer fabrics and use matching fabrics in each layer of the flower. Doing so, I think, instantly makes it a more tailored quilt.

I still haven’t decided how to quilt it. I am (finally) experimenting with FMQ—not on real quilts but on ugly fabric and leftover batting. I suspect I’ll use a combination of straight-line quilting and FMQ ... if I become proficient enough in the very near future. (Did I mention this is a Christmas gift?!)

What’s your knee-jerk reaction? How would you quilt this one?

Update: You can view the final quilt here.

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  1. Since you'll be pressed for time, maybe just two straight lines down each sashing? If they are close enough for your batting choice of course. If I could stipple, I might try stippling just the white, so the lotus flowers (that's what they look like to me at least) stand out a little more. Good luck! And FMQ isn't that scary :D

    1. I'm definitely going to start with some straight lines down the sashing. It wouldn't have occurred to me to focus on the background around the flowers, though. Thanks for the thought. (Don't tell the quilt police, but I don't like the look of stippling! I'd have to come up with something a bit different!)

  2. Lovely quilt! My first thoughts would be to add some straight lines in the creme areas and then come back to the maroon areas and maybe stipple them.

    1. Gosh, I would love to do something cool in the flowers. I was thinking cursive L's in matching thread. I'll have to do more experimenting, though. My L's aren't looking so good on my practice sandwiches. : )

  3. I have been avoiding it like the plague on my new machine too! I like the idea of doing something different in the white area's to make the flower pop.

  4. I read that procrastination comes from a place of uncertainty, not knowing how to do something or not having a clear idea of where you want to go. Happens to me a lot when it comes to quilting!

  5. I might outline the flowers with the walking foot and then do some sort of sprout like design through the middle of the flower. It's coming out lovely.

  6. This is looking lovely, Michelle! I would suggest straight line quilting on the diagonal cream section, and perhaps some FMQ on the flowers, similar to what Cheryl suggested. Otherwise, I would say overall stippling is a great place to start when trying FMQ on your first quilt -- and would be a huge accomplishment! Good luck with whatever you decide!!

  7. I like your idea of using cursive L's along with straight lines. They look so nice on a quilt and they're easy to do! :)


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