Friday, June 14, 2024

A Little Sprout Mini / Beauties Pageant 255

One of my special talents is signing up for quiltalongs and then never sewing a stitch. I mean, I get excited to sew with others on social media—I intend to sew along with everyone else!—but life always gets in the way. So far, I’ve signed up for three different QALs this spring, determined to reverse this trend and produce something.

The Modern Quilt Guild’s Satsuma was the first one I signed up for ... and flaked on. Too much time with my rotary blade at a less-than-ideal table height had messed up my right rotator cuff with a different project. After some self-prescribed physical therapy, along with some rest and ice, my shoulder was fine. Cutting out Sasuma’s curved template pieces didn’t seem like a wise decision, though, so I bailed on the project before I had even begun. That QAL has since wrapped up. If you’re a Modern Quilt Guild member, however, you have access to the Satsuma pattern here.

My second QAL is Kate Basti’s annual Summer Book Club. I’ve signed up for this in the past and sewn zero Tall Tale blocks. This year, I am ready. As I mentioned last week, I have already cut into a bunch of my novelty prints for my projects (note the plural, please). Stayed tuned for some finished evidence of progress!

And finally, I committed to the Back to Nature QAL, hosted by Leila Gardunia, which features nine small foundation paper-piecing patterns from nine different designers. This is a nice twist on the QAL idea: Small blocks that can be used in a variety of items—or sewn together in a mini, of course—are a good option. I am happy to report that I sewed my favorite pattern of the nine, called Little Sprout, and have already quilted it, bound it, and have gifted it.

This was a nice, 6.5-inch block that I chose to complicate by using Essex Linen as my background of choice. (Darn you, Essex Linen! I love to hate sewing with you!) Still, everything turned out lovely. The quilting is a simple diagonal line, and I used my usual double-fold binding because it was easier than trying to remember how to work with a single-fold binding. In the end, I noticed a little puffiness in the leaves that I remedied with some impromptu embroidery stitches. 

The Back to Nature collection includes a frog, a snail, and a parrot, among other cute designs. The patterns are available free of charge through June 21. At this point in the schedule, you can sign up for the QAL here and have access to all nine right away.

OK, confession time! Who else signs up for QALs with the best of intentions only to flake out when it’s time to sew?!

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  1. Little Sprout is so cute! Happy stitching!

  2. I don't think I've ever signed up for a QAL and not finished - but I am pretty picky and choosy about how many projects I have going on and don't tend to sign up. So a lot of times I watch with a bit of envy from the sidelines for a whole different reason!!!

  3. I have really enjoyed (watching) Leila's QAL. Such cute patterns. Your Little Sprout is adorable, and as much of a challenge as the linen probably was, it makes a delightful texture for the background. I love the added embroidery, too. A design element, not a "fix."

  4. No finishes to share, mostly because 95 percent of the time I make only big quilts. I'm quilting two big ones right now, and between domestic machine quilting and hand stitching, it's taking a while. Must say I rarely sign up for QALs (or BOMs) but when I do, I'm 100 percent in. Otherwise, the guilt weighs much too heavily. I'd rather not sign up at all than make myself feel bad about not following through. We're each a little different in that way, aren't we?

  5. Hi Michelle, I do the same thing. My biggest creator of UFOs are quilt alongs! I did however sign up for the Back to Nature - if I can make one or two, that would be awesome. I've also been trying to make a quilt with the Summer Book Club for several years. I think that I have 10 blocks done but I would love to make myself a nice through. Maybe this year :-0

  6. Little Sprout is adorable, Michelle!!! You're way ahead of me--I signed up and downloaded but haven't made any yet. Yes, I'm in the "signed up for QAL and didn't make it" group sometimes, too!!!

  7. Oh, I definitely can be guilty of taking on too many quilt a longs which then languish as blocks. I have finished my back to nature blocks so now I need to decide what to make.


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