Friday, September 22, 2023

So Many 2.5-Inch Squares, So Little Time / Beauties Pageant 229

Ever since last week’s post, I’ve had precuts on my mind—namely, minicharm packs and the 2.5-inch squares in them. It’s rare that I purchase minicharm packs because they don’t contain that much fabric and the project options for them are limited. But I’m a big fan of 2.5-inch squares overall. In fact, my scraps are stored in two forms: Substantial pieces are sorted by color and put in a drawer; odd-shaped pieces are cut into 2.5-inch squares and stored in a plastic bin. Currently, that plastic bin is overflowing. It’s a treasure chest of different fabric collections and colors, and I get excited thinking of the potential that lies there. But what does one do with an abundance of 2.5-inch squares? I looked back in the From Bolt to Beauty archives and came up with a list of projects large and small.


Granny Square Quilt

I finished my Scrappy Granny Square Quilt back in 2021. I cut and sewed over twelve hundred squares for it, so as you can imagine, it was a slow project, one I picked up to make a block or two and then put down for a few weeks (or months). There is no pattern for this. I simply pieced the a block as laid out below, trimmed it while trying to maintain those points, and sewed everything together with a 1.5-inch (unfinished) sashing. For more pictures of this finish, click here.


Pixelated Picture Quilt

Pixelated picture quilts had a moment in the spring of 2022 when Tilda released its free Embroidery Flowers pattern. I quickly scooped up a kit that included all 46 colors to make the project, but there are bunches of pixelated quilts out there. Kitchen Table Quilting’s fire truck tutorial is another one (learn more about my version here and here). If a quick Google search doesn’t give you options that pique your interest, you could use a cross-stitch pattern to make something that does.


Hexagon Projects

Minicharm squares are the perfect size to make projects that incorporate the hexagon technique pioneered by Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft. I’ve made multiple, all of which have been pillows or bags. And although I steer away from using commercially produced minicharm packs, the Market Bag I sewed required just one. Read more about my hexagon projects at these links:

Are you like me, not-so-secretly sitting on a stash of 2.5-inch squares. And if so, what do you plan on doing with them? Inspire us with your ideas in the comments!

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  1. I made a Granny Square quilt and loved it - I think I sold that big quilt if I remember right

  2. Hi Michelle! I remember your Granny Square quilt from 2021, and I still haven't made my version. Yet. I would really like to do so. I, too, have a big collection of 2.5" squares that are just begging to be made into a fun quilt such as yours. I think I'll try a smaller size for a cradle quilt donation. That will whet my appetite and hopefully motivate me into making a larger sized quilt. Thanks again for the inspiration! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I also have literally hundreds of 2-1/2 inch squares in every color. I just throw them in the box and pretty much forget them. Lately I've been thinking about using some for the Moda Love pattern, which would make 12 inch blocks and a nice quilt, I think. Have a good weekend!

  4. I love those little hexagon projects. They're so bright and pretty! If I needed another tote or pillow - which I definitely do not! - I would do this too. As it is now, I am storing homemade totes inside of homemade totes, and pillow tops are stored in a pile in the closet (not stuffed with pillow forms). Sheesh. What to do with everything we make?!

  5. I do hate small piecing, but didn't I go and buy the Tilda flower kit. Yikes. ☺

  6. Absolutely love the granny square quilt!

  7. So many beautiful ideas for the small scrap size! I really enjoyed using up my scraps for Scrappy Pixel and I am sure these projects would be as fun. xo


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