Friday, November 11, 2022

Modern Maisons / Beauties Pageant 193

I find the humble house shape an intriguing element in quilts. Even in its most basic form, stripped of color or embellishment, the five-sided shape conveys meaning of shelter or home. But add a palette or a little design interest, and it transforms into a symbol of belonging, family, community, and more.

What you see here is Modern Maisons, my submission to the Ruby + Bee Fabric Challenge for QuiltCon 2023. I used the challenge as an opportunity to play with the house shape. (“Maison” is the French word for “house” and the origin of “mansion.”) After making (and scrapping) a few blocks with more intricate piecing, I homed in on bolder, more basic patchwork and watched how the house outline changed those blocks. Foundation paper-piecing was the way to go here, giving me the precision I wanted both with the internal designs and with the thin black outlines.

Originally, I set out to make 16 blocks. Then I decided 9 would do. With the deadline looming, I settled for 6 and made them something special by sewing them in off-set columns and extenuating a few of the motifs into the quilting. 

Will Modern Maisons be juried into QuiltCon? I’ll know in another month. (Edit: It was not! Maybe I will have better luck next year!) One way or another, I’m proud of this finished project and happy to have invested the time in creating it. : )


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  1. Very cool, Michelle! This is a fun and interesting quilt. I’m thinking it would be so interesting if real houses were painted like these.


  2. I think having just 6 houses is perfect. They're all so different, and they definitely look modern. Good luck with the jury!

  3. Your 'maisons' quilt is really eye-catching, and a great idea. I love house blocks.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as you made your quilt. It looks terrific. I’ve never given much thought to pentagons and really didn’t connect them to houses. I hope it is accepted to QuiltCon.

  5. It is fun to see quilters make something different than they normally do. It is very nice.


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