Friday, October 21, 2022

Patchwork Ghosts / Beauties Pageant 191

I’m not a fan of celebrating Halloween, but The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt is a seasonal story I can get behind. Are you familiar with this picture book? Written by Riel Nason and illustrated by Bryon Eggenschwiler, The Little Ghost is the charming story of a ghoul whose patchwork sets him apart from his friends. The happy ending and it’s relatable message make it an enjoyable read for kids and adults alike. Take a peek at one of the book’s illustrations, below. Super sweet, right?

Another quilter transformed the book’s hero into stuffies last Halloween, and with this year’s holiday on the horizon, I knew I needed to follow suit! 

Construction was super easy: I sewed 3-inch squares into 4-by-6 panels, quilted them, added the mouths and eyes, and squared the bottoms. I then stuffed the bodies with a little polyfill and whip-stitched the bottoms ... Voila! Two cuties!

Rooting through my scraps and selecting fabric for the patchwork was fun, as was making the felt faces. A circle die on my AccuQuilt Go made cutting the eyes easy, and a little embroidery added some life to them. I will be shipping both stuffies, with a copy of The Little Ghost, to my nieces.

Are you sewing anything for Halloween? If so, I’d love to hear about your project in the comments.

My Halloween sewing is over. I’m in the mad rush to finish up QuiltCon submissions (which happens some years despite my best intentions to avoid it) and working on a new pattern release. If you enjoy testing patterns, this one is easy. More details are in my latest Instagram post here.


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  1. The Patchwork ghosts are really cute!


  2. We don't decorate a lot for Halloween since it is just my husband and me in the house - I did put a few simple things up for when my grand kids are here. This is the first autumn in this house and it looks like we won't have trick or treaters since we are on a cul de sac and no kids on the street. Do you get any at your house?

  3. What sweet ghosts and I love that you will be sending them off with a copy of the book to your nieces. If my nieces were a bit younger, I'd definitely be following suit!

  4. Hi Michelle. I'm not a fan of Halloween either - perhaps because we never really celebrated in Singapore, England, Ireland, Germany, or even Australia where I now live. It seems to be more of a US thing I think. On the other hand, we always celebrated Guy Fawkes Day in England and Ireland, and naturally it is never celebrated here. I think your ghosts are gorgeous. I might think about making them for next year for my grandchildren. And I should probably also get a few treats in for this year. I'm in a new suburb and there are a few children about. Wouldn't want to be the Halloween Grinch after all!

  5. They are very cute indeed. What a lovely gift. Hope your nieces love their new friends and storytime. Also: Good luck with your QuiltCon projects. I always want to make something but so far never have ;) xo

  6. The ghosts are adorable. What a great idea. I'm sure your nieces will love them. I'm a little slow in sending a package to my nieces....guess they'll celebrate Halloween twice. LOL


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