Friday, September 23, 2022

Still Pretty Simple Jelly Roll Quilt / Beauties Pageant 187

When I was designing my latest PDF, the Still Pretty Simple Jelly Roll Quilt, I photographed the quilt I originally made from the design for the cover and was really pleased with how it turned out. The bright colors of that quilt make for an eye-catching cover. But this pattern includes five different layout optionsfour of which I had never sewn before!so I couldnt help but embark on a new project from the instructions.

And here is the final flimsy: a super-scrappy, two-color Still Pretty Simple Jelly Roll Quilt. This layout creates a huge star with what looks to me like four photo corners. (And if anyone is going to sew a 56-inch by 64-inch star, its going to be me!)

The nexus for the fabric pull was a set of black and white fat eighths that I won through my guild. There was everything from OG Cotton and Steel to Zen Chic to Sarah Jane fabric in it. One of our board members cut the pieces from her rather extensive personal stash. It was an awesome prize, and because I used only the prints that read as all white or all black, supplementing them with my own stash and scraps, I still have a good chunk of the bundle left over. 

Its going to be a while before I have the bandwidth to quilt this flimsy, but I want to pick the binding and piece the backing before I fold everything up and put it aside for a few months. This black and white quilt needs a little something for the binding—specifically, something that’s not black or white. There are infrequent bits of aqua, orange, avocado, and pink in the scrappy low-volume background, so they’re logical candidates for the binding. My current plan of attack is to go with a bold pink binding and coordinate the backing appropriately.

This is only my second two-color quilt project. (See my first one, a QuiltCon challenge reject, here.) It was fun to sew with these fabrics, and even though I homed in on two colors, there were plenty of fabric decisions to make. Have you made a two-color quilt? Id love to see the ones you have. Post one or two of them to this weeks linky, even if they are finishes from way back when. : )

The Still Pretty Simple Jelly Roll Quilt PDF is available exclusively through my Etsy shop. It’s priced at just $2, with proceeds going to support a Down syndrome organization in my area.

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  1. What a striking black and white quilt! I like the idea of a bright backing and binding, too. Bright pink or lime green will look perfect. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I love the star layout and that you were able to use fabric you won from your guild. A bold pink binding sounds perfect!

  3. This is such a beauty. There is something about black and white quilts that warms my heart. Happy quilting.

  4. That's a beautiful black and white top. Well done!

  5. Super nice! I do love two color quilts. Also like black and white anything. Adding a bold binding is going to be the icing on the cake!

  6. What fun! I love black and white quilts with a pop of colour. I also do like two-colour quilts. Great pattern Michelle - wow five different layouts. Ooh the possibilities!

  7. Great top finish in those luscious blacks and whites. I love the binding and backing idea.

  8. Wow, loved reading about your B & W quilt! I'm watching to see what color the binding will actually be!

  9. Hi Michelle. I have squinted, scrutinised, scrunched and crunched my eyeballs. I’ve opened and closed the pic a dozen times. I’ve turned the oic sideways, left and right, up and down …. All to see a star. Finally I got it! This is one of those optical illusion quilts. Has anyone else had my experience, or is it just me? It’s an intriguing look.

    1. Really?! Oh my gosh, this just yells "star!" to me. Maybe it would look more star-like to you if the corner blocks were in a color other than black?

    2. Maybe if the corner blocks were all white, but then the intrigue of the optical illusion wouldn’t be there. I love the quilt as it is!

  10. That should have read ‘pic’ by the way. I’ve just had another look and I’m still experiencing the same optical illusion!


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