Monday, December 6, 2021

Giving Away My Denyse Schmidt Stash!


One of my pandemic goals (aside from not contracting Covid!) has been to use up my stash of Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and I’m officially in the home stretch. I’m working on a Random Hearts quilt and invite you to join me!

I’m not hosting an official quilt-along or anything. Instead, I’ve decided to give away my remaining DS stash. I’ll be cutting what’s left into 4.5- and 5-inch strips, the perfect size for making Random Hearts blocks, and asking people to pick up the cost of shipping.

Bundles will be sold for the cost of first-class shipping through my Etsy shop. Keep tabs on my IG feed for an announcement about when the listings will go live.

I feel like Santa Claus—you know, if old Saint Nick were a 40-something mom and quilt maker living in Massachusetts and gifted fabric!

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  1. Great idea Michelle - Someone will be thrilled to pick up a bundle for just the shipping cost. I recently did this with tons of scraps that I just hated to toss and knew I could never use up (there was just too darn much!) Now someone else will make use of them.

  2. This is great idea to destash fabrics. I may take up your idea as I decided to no longer selling fabrics. Thank you for the inspiration :)


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