Friday, September 10, 2021

Coming Soon! / Beauties Pageant 144

I’m putting the final touches on my Pretty in Pluses pattern—if all goes according to plan, it will be available to purchase and download next week at this time—so I thought I’d show you what some of the pattern testers have been sewing.

Pretty in Pluses is a whole-composition design. In other words, the larger sizes are created by increasing the size of the pieces, not by adding more blocks. Each size in the pattern looks the same: a series of chunky plus signs, skinny plus signs, and mini plus signs, all circling a center plus sign within a plus sign.

My brain is hardwired for whole-composition designs—it’s my default mode. I find it much easier, however, to write patterns for block-based designs. That’s why I’m so thankful for these testers. Even though Pretty in Pluses is a simply constructed pattern—and appropriate for beginner quilters—I needed two groups of sewists to bang on it a bit and help me figure out how to improve the instructions.

The beauty at the top of the post was made by Nancy, of Grace and Peace Quilting. I’ve had my eye on those same prints since their release, and the large-scale plus signs are perfectly suited for the oversize butterflies. I’m especially smitten with the scrappy binding—it adds a layer of the unexpected to an otherwise ordered and symmetrical design!

The second quilt top was made by Jesi, whom you can find on Instagram. My favorite part of this project is the polka-dot background! I’m famous (perhaps infamous?) for using solid white backgrounds, but those nondirectional polka dots are right up my alley. When paired with the soft palette of blue, green, orange, and yellow, the smattering of dots makes for a sweet baby quilt.

And the third quilt top, below, is the work of Michelle, who is also on Instagram. The colors here are so sweet and feminine, with an infusion of bright and happy right in the middle. Between the mostly muted palette and less contrast between the background and plus signs, Michelle has achieved a softness in this quilt that I find soothing. 

I’m really thankful for the sewists who have helped me fine-tune Pretty in Pluses. I can’t wait to show you more of their work here on the blog and in my Instagram feed! : )

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  1. This is such a great design, Michelle! Your testers have all done a beautiful job :)

  2. Lovely design, and it's so fun to see testers versions. :)

  3. These three look quite different -- it's amazing what a difference fabric choice makes. Nice design.

  4. Pretty in Pluses is gorgeous and love the 3 different versions. Beautiful design. Thank you for hosting the link party and happy quilting.

  5. Thanks, Michelle, for sharing my quilt photo!!! I love the pattern and am looking forward to making more!!! There's a baby boy on the way into this world, so the next one will be for him!

  6. I love seeing testers versions. It is always awesome to see how different patterns are interpreted. Great versions of your design! Good luck with the pattern release! xo

  7. Great pattern. The tester versions are awesome.

  8. Very pretty! Many quilters will be attracted to this design for the variety in scale, of each plus, that makes for an enticing overall pattern.


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