Friday, March 19, 2021

Quilting with a Golden Retriever / Beauties Pageant 121

Dog with head on a quilt in process

This post is for all you Rose fans. (You know who you are!)

For any newcomers, this is Rose, also known as Rosie, Nosey, Nosey Miss Rosie, Rosiecakes, The Cakes, The Dope, The Dope on a Rope (when shes on leash), Naughty.

Shes a regular quilt user and my number-one fan.

I love that Rose gets excited when she hears the word sew because she knows she can lie under the dining room table while I sew. She also knows nap, which means she and I snuggle on the couch in the living room with a quilt for our afternoon snooze.

Dog taking a nap on a quilt in process

She is a quilt lover, but she is also a butt biter, a mess maker, a snack stealer, and the creator of the sock parade (during which she strews our socks all over the house, in quiet protest for not getting enough attention).

Rosie ranks a close second to quilt making for keeping me sane during the pandemic. : )

Dog on quilt blocks laid out on the floor

Dog with front paws on a kitchen island, eating food

I’m binding a project now ... I can’t wait to share it with you next Friday! Have a great weekend, everyone. I look forward to seeing your finishes this week!

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  1. Oh Rose! You make those of us without a dog to quilt with a bit sad, but we love reading about your antics. I'm pretty darn sure that whatever that was on counter wasn't for you, sweet girl. You did your best getting it without leaving a trace. Oh, I'd love to snuggle with you and a quilt, and Dope on a Rope?! That's just slightly mean . . . but you don't care what they call you as long as you get to walk. Right?! LOVE this post, Michelle! {{Hugs}} Can't wait to see next week's finish and thanks so much for the linky party! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. That adorable little face. I fear my little nieces will be like Rose stealing something off the counter. I'm going to have to lock up everything. LOL

  3. My parents had a golden retriever named Rosie; they are really great dogs. And I love all the nicknames and can just picture the antics she is getting into for each name!

  4. Ha! And Rosie is a counter surfer extraordinaire! I love the picture of her and the blocks from the second floor. I can't decide if I like her better or the quilt! Was that the snowflake sew along from last fall?

  5. Rosie is so sweet and adorable. And what a great quilt inspector! You can tell she takes her responsibility seriously. And that’s a beauty of a quilt you’ve got laid out by the door!


  6. Yes, love all these cuddly photos of Rosie! But you can tell she's got some smarts, too, innocently finding the goodies!?! I love both quilts. I'm interested in seeing the one you're binding now, Michelle!


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