Friday, September 11, 2020

More Striped Hearts / Beauties Pageant 97

I have been working on my next pattern. It’s a quilt that I designed for, and was shown at, QuiltCon 2020 called Love Boldly ...

I suspect you understand the origin of that title: Those oversize hearts—each finishes at about 16 inches by 17 inches—in that striking palette of solids demand the viewer’s attention! 

For this second version, however, I’m sewing with prints by Amy Sinibaldi ...

The original Love Boldly was sewn with a consistent placement of dark and light values. With this second project, it’s been fun to experiment with value in each block’s primary and secondary heart shapes and see how the different combinations play together. I’ve already rendered a picture of the six blocks I’ve sewn so far into a black and white palette, to help me fine-tune the arrangement.

I’m pretty psyched about how this pattern has evolved. I’ve cut down the number of pieces in each block since the first version (score!) and just realized I can minimize the amount of waste. I think the end product will be something to be proud of. : )

OK, friends, what have you been working on?

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  1. The blocks look great in greyscale and that's really awesome that you have been able to reduce waste. Sounds like you've found a sweet spot!

  2. This is so pretty. It would look awesome with alternating grays, too. Sort of a "silver lining" effect, you know? I love the size, too!

  3. Great progress with your pattern. I do love when a designer tries to write such that the fabric is used efficiently. That makes me so happy! Great design Michelle.

  4. Nice! It messes with my eyes a bit, but I have had light sensitivity for the past week or so, but the grey-scale was softer. It would be fun to play with in monochromatic shades.

  5. These hearts are so cool! Great design

  6. love those hearts....pattern coming out someday?


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