Thursday, April 18, 2019

2019 Finish-A-Long: Q2 Goals

My Finish-A-Long Q1 list was humble, composed of a mere four projects, and I managed to finish only one of the four before the deadline. (Lame!) But every finish counts as an entry to the prize drawings, and I won! I linked up my Jane Market Bags in the finish linky and scored a fat gift certificate to Sew Sweetness.

I have higher expectations for the next quarter—it’s my attempt to wrap up as much as I can before summer is in full swing. I’ll start with the new-to-you projects because the holdovers from Q1 aren’t nearly as fun to talk about ...


I probably would have completed more of my Q1 goals if I weren’t sewing up this quilt top and pieced back. This pattern is called Neighborhood. It’s an older one from Elizabeth Hartman, before she started designing critter quilts, found in her Modern Patchwork. I haven’t decided on my plan of attack for the quilting yet.

Update: Neighborhood is finished!

Gypsy Wife

I’ve been chipping away at the blocks for my Gypsy Wife quilt in Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Current home renovations are affecting my sewing space, however, and I really need to jury-rig a design wall once things settle down. As a result, I won’t be finishing my quilt with the rest of the quilt-along participants, but I will finish it.

Valentine Quilt

This quilt, designed by Elizabeth Hartman and published in her Practical Guide to Patchwork, is super close to being done. I could have finished it at the 11th hour for Q1, but I spent time with my husband instead (#goodwifey).

 Update: Valentine is finished!

Garden Plots

I went to make the back for my Garden Plots quilt only to discover that I had forgotten to add a border to the top and didn’t have the necessary fabric to remedy that. Instead of just ordering the fabric already, I bellyached about it. Does that happen to you? Do you let a silly snag derail a project for a disproportionate amount of time? (A friend from guild admitted at this week’s meeting that the purchase of a zipper postponed a bag project of hers for months!)

Apparently, this is a pitfall of mine, because I could make a comparable statement about ...

No Latitude

So I at one time had enough Essex Linen in flax for my No Latitude project, but then I used a chunk of it in a tote. This is Essex Linen from years ago, and the bolts I can get my hands on now don’t match the yardage I already have. Every so often I pull this project out, resolve to make it work with what I have on hand, and then return it to storage, discouraged. Here’s hoping this quarter be the quarter I tackle it once and for all.

Update: No Latitude is finished

I have other things in the works; this is the list I’m willing to commit to, though. Wish me luck!

What’s on your to-do list for the next few months? Also: I am planning on buying cork fabric with that Sew Sweetness gift certificate. If you have any experiences with cork fabric, please share them below. Thanks in advance!

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  1. goodness my to-do list? try to get some of these tops already started done! LOL - I have done it once again - start way too many tops at once and now nothing is getting done

  2. Good luck with your projects! And enjoy the sewing :)

  3. Congrats on the win. I won as well. Even if we don't always finish the items on the list, it keeps them in our minds with a goal to finishing. I like the accountability.

  4. Yay! Congrats on your win! I love your Elizabeth Hartman pre-critters quilts...her Practical Guide is one of my favorites! My Q1 was also derailed by more than one unplanned quilty excursion :) Good luck with your list this quarter! On behalf of all the Finish A Long hosts, thanks for joining us again this quarter!!!!


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