Friday, January 11, 2019

Fabric-Diet Update / Beauties Pageant 15

If you heard a loud thump about December 26 or 27 of last year, that was me, falling off the fabric-diet wagon and landing hard in the middle of some end-of-year fabric sales. It happens to the best of us, I guess.

My purchases were not frivolous, however. I have plans for (almost) everything I bought.

I’ve already declared 2019 as the Year of the Christmas Runner, and this wintery fabric will go toward making upwards of a dozen runners for holiday giving. I’m striving for easy piecing—disappearing nine patches, rail fence blocks, even simple patchwork—to allow the pretty fabric designs to be the star.

Return to Winter’s Lane by Kate and Birdie

Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille

Juniper by Basic Grey

I’m also starting on a quilt for a friend who is a school librarian. That overdue fabric (below), from Heather Givans, will work well as the back of the design I have picked out. Hmm ... it may even set the palette for the quilt top. We’ll see.

In that last pic, you’ll also see butterflies. They were included in my shopping cart simply because I have a thing butterflies. (And ladybugs. And butterflies and ladybugs in the same fabric design.) Every good fabric splurge needs a just-because purchase or two, right?

I know, I know … I had been so good at keeping my fabric acquisition to a minimum that I can hardly be at fault. The real culprits here are Cobblestone Quilts, I Love Fabric, and Lou Lou’s Fabric Shop. : )

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  1. It sounded almost like a sonic boom! We all have to indulge every once in a while! You got some gorgeous fabric and since it's almost all for projects, what's the harm!!

  2. If you're going to fall, in my books there's no better way to go than with fantastic Christmas prints. Looks like you aced it!

  3. I think the fall was worth it...those are some great fabrics. I might have picked up some fabrics this week that I didn't need, but they were $3.99 metre. It would have been a crime to leave them ha ha ha ha

  4. Hi Michelle! What??!! First of all, I thought that loud thump was me falling off that wagon. And second of all, I hadn't heard the dictum about the Christmas runners. Geez, I'd better get with the program and buy some additional Christmas fabrics if I'm going to keep up. We don't want the stress of waiting until November or heaven forbid, December to get these items going. I'm in! Can't wait to see what you make with these pretties. I'll have to share mine once I go buy them. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Is it really falling off the wagon to buy such lovely fabric for gift giving? :) I look forward to seeing all those lovely fabrics turn into table runners.

  6. Beautiful fabrics, sometimes it's too hard to go away... ;)

  7. Sometimes you just gotta fall down to get back up. I just put in a big order for solids and guiltily await their arrival. I think I was too good last year and decided to kick off 2019 so there's no where to go but up! Happy Stitching.

  8. They are such lovely Christmas fabrics and they are going to be used as a good cause, so you were not wrong in purchasing them. Best sales are from Black Friday to end of year anyway. I purchased two fat quarter bundles to make Christmas quilts after Thanksgiving and didn't cut into them. I haven't made a new Christmas quilt since 2013. I want to make a Meadowland quilt and now have two color options for the QAL starting in February.

  9. Well, at least your fabric shopping was for very specific projects - not counting the butterflies :)

  10. Definitely happens to all of us. But like you said, it seems like you have a set plan for the fabrics so that helps.

  11. Hi Michelle, thank you for sharing those gorgeous fabrics. Fabric acquisition just comes with the territory as we love the designs and colours so much.

  12. For some reason Bloglovin reminded me of your reply to my comment today (24 weeks later!) about me going on my first ever overnight retreat and hoping to use up some of my hoarded Christmas fabric. I thought you'd get a giggle out of how many quilts have come out of that Christmas fabric (and there's still some left...). 1) one lap sized ornament quilt; 2) lap sized Christmas tree quilt; 3) baby quilt of the same pattern 4) 2.5" squares lap sized quilt (putting the binding on tonight); 5) large lap sized mitten quilt 6) baby quilt out of the traditional fabrics 7) baby quilt out of the pink/navy Christmas fabrics 8) baby quilt out of the bright green and blue fabrics (gifting to my nephew (first baby) this weekend); 10) 2 table runners; 11) 4 potholders (test blocks); and 12) another lap quilt out of rectangles. That's what I can remember! It's funny how far a pile of fabric goes.


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